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Update your inventory system by integrating it with M2E Pro (HOT)

Update your inventory system by integrating it with M2E Pro (HOT)

Many of our customers, including you I guess, have been longing for M2E Pro integration which synchronizes stocks across marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. And the great news is that in the latest version of Inventory Management, you can surely integrate M2E Pro with your inventory system.

However, not only that feature but also others will help you make purchasing decision easier if you haven’t used Magestore Inventory Management extension. Let’s see what’s new in Inventory Management 1.7.4!

Integrate with M2E Pro

You are selling products on other marketplaces and using M2E Pro to integrate your Magento store into Amazon and eBay platforms? If yes, you must look for an integration to synchronize your Amazon/eBay stores to your Magento warehouse. Magestore Inventory Management now supports you well for this feature so that your data will be managed in a specific warehouse of your inventory system.

In backend, you can see a configuration tab of M2E Pro, choose the warehouse that is associated with Amazon/eBay.

Magento Inventory - M2E Pro Integration
Then, the following video will guide you in details about how this integration works.

Integrate with Magmi

Another small but useful integration in Inventory Management 1.7.4 is Magmi. Magmi is a Magento Mass Importer that can handle several thousands of products at a reasonable pace compared to Magento dataflow. By integrating your inventory system with Magmi, you can import a huge number of products much faster, without worrying about the speed.

Please check this video to know how to use this feature for your Inventory system.

Are they interesting? Update your system if you are using our Inventory Management extension or just go to its store to find more persuasive features making you choose Magestore. 

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