Business requirements

In most small and medium business, when customers go to take items for their store pick-up orders, the cashier cannot access the backend to create shipment to mark it as shipped and complete order, which (if possible) is also time-consuming and not user-friendly to transit between 2 systems. 

This feature will be needed in situations below

1. Buy Online, Pickup at Store

  • The customer goes to store, then gives the order confirmation to cashier for pickup.
  • The cashier finds the order in POS, then marks it as shipped.
  • The cashier gives items to customer.

2. Partial Store Pick-up, Partial Delivery

  • The customers purchase items at store, then they want to receive a few items at home, take some items immediately.
  • The cashier process checkout.
  • The cashier goes to order history in POS, then create a shipment only for items which customer takes away.

Thus, it’s necessary to build a function on POS with which staff can Create Shipment right from Order History, instead of going to Magento Backend.

Feature workflow

How it works

Cashier or internal staff can take shipment from Order History and mark it as shipped without going to Back-end. To do this, please follow our guideline below:

Step 1: In the cart, you’ll need to turn the toggle “Ship all items” form “ON” to “OFF”. In that way, you can freely select the items and QTY you want to ship later in the Order History.

Step 2: In Order History, please select the order you want to take shipment.

The system will show the button Take Shipment
But if QTY-to-ship = 0 or Order status is Cancelled/ Close, this button will be greyed out so cashier can’t take more shipment for this order

Step 3: In the Pop-up, please choose items and QTY you want to ship (you can select all items or just some of them)

The system will show note in 2 cases:
1. Cashier select QTY to Ship greater than the remaining purchased QTY
2. QTY to ship is not available in store (if customer pick-up in another store)

Step 4 (optional): Please add the comment for shipment

The comment will be saved and shown in Order Details

How to get it

This feature is currently available in Magestore POS Enterprise. Please check it out and enjoy the new process~


Amber Nguyen is a Magento Specialist and investigative writer. She had 2 years working as a Customer Success Representative of Magestore before becoming Leader of the Department. Her intense knowledge of Magento and experience in working with a wide range of customers brings diverse aspects to her articles.

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