Earlier this year, Google shut down its Universal Analytics (UA) and launched Google Analytics 4 (GA4.)

Making it essential to use this latest version of analytics, which is more data-driven and informative. 

If you are looking to integrate Google Analytics 4 for Magento 2, this blog is the compass you need. Here, we have listed the three best Magento 2 GA4 extensions and highlighted how you can easily set up GA4 without hassle. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Top Magento 2 GA4 (Google Analytics 4) Extensions

Extensions VendorKey Features Pricing Reviews
Meetanshi Magento 2 Google Analytics extension using GTMMeetanshi15 in-built e-commerce events tracking
Supports multi-store & multi-currency setup
Magento Open Source: $199Magento Enterprise (On-Prem/Cloud): $3495/5 (based on 22 reviews)
BSS Magento 2 Google Analytics 4BSS CommerceIntegrate GA4 directly without using GTMCreate custom dimensions for product attributesOpen Source: $99Commerce: $2495/5 (based on 4 reviews)
Amasty Google Analytics 4 with GTM Support for Magento 2AmastyMonitoring Google Adwords Complete customer viewCommunity edition- $199Enterprise edition – $499Magento Cloud edition – $7995/5 (based on 1 review)
WeltPixel Google Analytics 4 (GA4) With GTM Support for Magento 2WeltPixelTrack Sign-upsTrack LoginsRetargetingGA4 – $249GA4 pro – $3994.8/5 (based on 47 reviews)

Why Do You Need Magento 2 GA4 Ecommerce Integration?

  1. GA4 offers better cross-platform tracking. That means you can analyze your user interactions across websites and mobile apps. 
  2. GA4 has an interesting feature called predictive analytics, which understands your users and predicts their subsequent behaviors. This feature uses powerful machine learning to make this analysis.
  3. Another feature that is helpful for your Magento store is creating user-driven funnels. You can analyze how a group of customers interacts with your store and where they are dropping off to optimize accordingly.  
  4. You can export all your events from GA4 properties to BigQuery. This comes in free with GA4 since the older version of Analytics charged for doing the same.
  5. GA4 also uses machine learning to provide smarter solutions to learn more about your users with structured event data.
  6. This version focuses more on event-based tracking, making it more flexible and reliable while understanding user behavior.

And here comes the big one: real-time analysis. GA4 keeps track of data in real-time. It gives you an immediate insight into what’s happening inside your store at the moment.

4 best Magento 2 Google Analytics 4

You can manually set up GA4 on your Magento website, but it can get tricky and time-consuming if you come from a non-technical background. 

A Magento 2 GA4 integration via extension can streamline this process and bring additional features with long-term benefits.  

Here are our 3 hand-picked extensions. Each is different from the other but does a perfect job of what it promises to do.

1. Meetanshi Magento 2 Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Using GTM

Meetanshi GA4 Extension for Magento 2

Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Google Analytics 4 using GTM is a simple solution to get the latest version of Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager (GTM). The implementation takes less than 30 minutes using their handy documentation.

Key Features

  • Customer journey tracking: You can easily track your customer’s journey through a funnel view and get an idea of how the customers navigate your online store.
  • Auto-Generate JSON for GTM Tags & Events: This feature eliminates the manual effort of creating events. You can generate a JSON file containing tags and events with just a single click. 
  • Customizable Backend Options: Multiple customization options are available for you in the extension’s backend. You can enable product brand & variant tracking, tracking for parent-child products, etc.

Pros & Cons

Easy-to-use and set up with built-in eventsExtensive features and backend configuration can be overwhelming
Multi-store and multi-currency ready
Offers complete GA4 ecommerce tracking
Support for Google Ads retargeting
Priority customer service and adequate support resources


  • Magento Open Source: $199
  • Magento Enterprise (On Prem/Cloud): $349

2. BSS Commerce Magento 2 Google Analytics

bsscommerce ga4 extension

BSS Commerce Magento 2 Google Analytics extension lifts you off worry about coding knowledge by integrating GA4 directly into your store without using GTM. This one helps track your website & app performance by collecting event-based data. 

Key features:

  • Direct Integration: with GA4 by ID, instead of GTM
  • Custom tracking: supports 5 most popular e-commerce events in real-time & creates custom brand/product attributes

Pros & Cons

Quick integration & no coding knowledge required
Provided 5 default e-commerce events
Track conversions of 3rd-party payment methods
Not support user-scoped custom dimensions yet


  • Open Source (CE): $99
  • Commerce (EE): $249

3. Amasty Google Analytics 4 with GTM Support for Magento 2 

Amasty GA4 Extension

This Google Analytics 4 Magento extension by Amasty helps seamlessly integrate Google Analytics 4 and has a built-in event for performance reports. The extension is simple to use, and it automatically adds Google Tag Manager code to all pages to have more data about your users. 

Key Features

  • Keep an eye on Google AdWords: You can effectively monitor conversions coming in from Google AdWords.
  • Complete customer view: You get a complete view of your customer journey, from the initial action to the final purchase cycle. You can view everything. 

Pros & Cons

Generate JSON files in one clickRequires a bit of technical knowledge and proficiency
Track performance through brand-related events
Track product clicks and impression


  • Community edition – $199
  • Enterprise edition – $499 
  • Magento cloud edition – $799

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4. WeltPixel’s Google Analytics 4 (GA4) With GTM Support for Magento 2 

WeltPixel Magento 2 GA4

The last one on our list is WeltPixel’s Google Analytics 4 (GA4) GTM, which helps you track your store’s performance with timely essential data. It easily tracks transactions, website impressions, and other user activities to make an informed decision. 

Key Features:

  • Track sign-ups and logins: It tracks and provides information when there is a sign-up or any login. This way, you can understand if a loophole might cause your users to lose interest.
  • Retargeting: Using the extension, you can re-target your store visitors via Google ads and evoke interest among them.

Pros & Cons:

Pros Cons
Multi-currency readyRelatively expensive
Offers GTM review functionalities 
Complete conversion tracking


  • GA4 – $249
  • GA4 pro – $399

How to Set up Magento 2 Google Analytics 4?

Now that you have a hold on why it is essential to have a GA4 integration and know the best Magento 2 Google Analytics 4 extensions. Let us have a look at how you can set it up.

The setup is quite simple without any technical difficulties. 
Just to give you an overview, you will need two things to start with: 

  • Magento 2 Google Analytics 4 extension by Meetanshi
  • Google Tag Manager account

With these two in hand, you will be able to proceed and do these 5 steps for a successful integration.

  1. Install & enable the Extension
  2. Add GTM Code to Magento 2
  3. Configure the Extension
  4. Magento 2 GTM API Configuration
  5. Generate & Import JSON into GTM

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Which Magento 2 GA4 extension is the best?  

Picking the best Magento GA4 plugin can be tricky since the extensions mentioned above are perfect at doing their job.

Based purely on reviews, Meetanshi and Weltpixel stand ahead.

  • Meetanshi – 5/5 (Based on 22 reviews) 
  • Amasty – 5/5 (Based on 1 review) 
  • WeltPixel – 4.8/5 (Based on 47 reviews)

While Weltpixel has more reviews, the pricing can be a concern if you are at the growing stage. Meetanshi looks like a promising solution with a simple pricing model. It depends on your demand, budget, and support levels, you can choose the best Magento extensions for your business.

GA4 is a reliable solution for your business, giving you clear directions rather than shooting in the dark. Otherwise, you can also other report types for your Magento businesses. Make the most out of these extensions and reach new heights in your e-commerce efforts. As an expert in Magento for over 12 years, Magestore might give you helpful advices to choose best soltions for your business needs. Contact us to craft the solution today!


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