A record-breaking over 12,000 attendees from world’s leading organizations heard the call to “meaningful conversations” at The AI Summit 2019 – global events which are held in London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York, Cape Town and Singapore.

Steve Ngo and Alex Nguyen, Magestore’s CEO and CTO, respectively, had a memorable trip to the world’s first and largest conference and exhibition of AI practical implications in business, said the Forbes. During the trip, we have earned lots of valuable experience and gained many wonderful connection to the tech elites. We hope that we can release the first and most powerful AI-powered POS for Magento in the near future.

AI Power: Changing the World Business

Applying the powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is delivering real value in business is at the core of why the AI Summit is launched for since 2014. Machine learning is one of the most common types of artificial intelligence in development for business purposes today. Machine learning is primarily used to process large amounts of data quickly. These types of artificial intelligence are algorithms that appear to “learn” over time, getting better at what they do the more often they do it.

AI is now adopted in the Enterprise, with 81% companies in the world has already used AI, 60% companies will spend at least 5% of their IT budget into improving AI, and 19% companies will even spend at least 20%. In Magestore, we’ve already started the process of adopting AI into our POS, and hopefully, the AI-powered POS will be released in the near future.

Overall nearly all jobs will be impacted, according to the event, workforce will be eliminated, modified, or created. Anyway, after impact of automation, about 10% of workforce will go out.

Here are some awesome pics we took during the trip in The AI Summit 2019, held at Singapore. Enjoy them!

Magestore’s CEO – Steve Ngo (middle) and CTO Alex Nguyen (right)
Enjoy Hybrid Localization of AI and People
We also visited Google headquarter in Singapore


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