Enalito is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Magestore, one of the industry’s most committed and exceptional Magento eCommerce solution providers. Through upcoming cognitive collaboration services, Enalito and Magestore will collaborate on useful ideas and create unique solutions for clients.

Enalito tackles the Choice Overload Problem for online shoppers by understanding customers, managing laser-sharp segments of customers and products, and sending tailored product suggestions and pricing to eCommerce businesses, resulting in a massive improvement in conversion rate.

Enalito is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software product company based out of India and the US. Enalito, an AI-powered software program, which can be put on any eCommerce website (online store) to begin tracking the behavior of customers.

Magestore is the world’s number one POS for Magento and an expert in Magento eCommerce solutions, with over 10,000 worldwide clients and over 200 global partners. Through this alliance, Enalito will collaborate with Magestore on different strategic initiatives, and the combination of both brands will result in value addition for both client bases.

About Magestore

Magestore is a Magento eCommerce solutions expert with over 10,000 global clients and over 200 partners. Omnichannel Retail Solutions for Magento Retailers is one of their strategic offerings.

They offer POS connectivity and inventory management, but they also offer a complete retail management system to assist retailers in increasing sales and improving customer experience across all channels.

Magestore POS is powered by PWA technology and works seamlessly with your Magento platform.

About Enalito

Enalito’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform help eCommerce businesses by offering a complete Retail Lifecycle Automation Platform that helps companies analyze their trends and KPIs better and make strategic decisions that create value and deliver a positive customer experience.

Enalito collaborates with merchants in several countries, including New Zealand, the United States, Australia, India, and Singapore, and aspires to be a global business acceleration and digital transformation platform. Enalito is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software program that can be installed on any eCommerce website (online store) to begin tracking client behavior and addressing the issue of option overload.

Enalito has created an AI software solution (app) that tackles the Choice Overload problem for small and mid-sized eCommerce companies. When the app is placed on a web store, it assists an eCommerce business in the following ways:

  1. Understand the shoppers;
  2. Curate Laser Sharp Segments of shoppers and products;
  3. Send personalized product recommendations and prices that lead to a dramatic increase in conversion rate for eCommerce businesses.

Scope of this Partnership

Enalito and Magestore see this collaboration as a chance to improve each other’s purpose and create more options for each firm to produce high-quality outcomes for clients while also growing to support new initiatives in the future.

Our primary objective will be to please our clients by delivering the best services available. This partnership will certainly help improve and develop the business, as well as provide new services. Through this partnership, the most powerful AI technologies collaborate with the first-class Magento POS to recommend the most effective methods to combine online and offline shopping and create an omnichannel shopping experience.

Magento recommends Progressive Web App (PWA) for a quick and dependable user experience. Magestore is the first to include PWA into POS. This, along with Enalito’s powerful AI-driven techniques along with robust performance and user-friendly interface, ensures that your everyday operations operate smoothly all day, every day. This partnership will enable more customers in need to receive relevant and meaningful solutions. Customers have all of the choices for a high-quality eCommerce site, as well as enthusiastic customer care when these services are integrated.

Enalito and Magestore will gain further exposure to a comparable demographic as a result of our partnership. With the help of our new campaign, we want to attract that audience. We also feel that by collaborating with Magestore, we will be able to improve our brand association and, as a result, work toward developing a better brand identity.

This partnership delights us and gives solutions to all of your marketing demands!

As a result of this new partnership, Magestore and Enalito will provide great marketing services to a wide range of businesses. We are developing customer-friendly collaboration activities. Keep an eye out for it, and please let us know if you have any queries.

You can relieve the effort of optimizing and exploiting all of the consumer data by integrating the capabilities of Enalito’s smart shopper behavior analytics/automation with Magestore.

Check out Enalito and Magestore to take advantage of the best-in-class service provided by this collaboration.


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