In the first event of Magestore TEK Talk 2019, the themes of the August event – an event for tech geeks from any corners or cafes in Hanoi, with one sole mission to help (mainly) developers connect with others and make them the core influencers, ring out with clarity and insight. From the rookie speakers of our company – Magestore, who never had chance to present among others before, we held off a 2-hour event about 2 hottest topics at the moment.

The event: Magestore TEK Talk 2019, Episode 1, hosted by Jasmine Nguyen and Walter Do of Magestore.

MC Jasmine Nguyen
MC Walter Do

When and where: Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 18:00 ICT, at The Mahogany Coworking Space in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Speakers: Luna Hoang, Eden Duong, Mars Pham, Abel Truong.

Interlude: Tea break at 19:30 ICT, at the same place.

Music: Varied.

The talks in brief

1, Face Recognition

Speakers: Luna Hoang, Eden Duong, Mars Pham.

Big idea: The history of Face Recognition and how it applies to real-world use.

Why? Face recognition not only helps us to recognize those close to us but also allows us to identify individuals we do not know so that we can be more aware of possible dangers. Facial recognition is a complex process that involves using knowledge and experience to set an average face to compare with other faces.

Speaker Luna Hoang
Speaker Eden Duong
Speaker Mars Pham and Face Recognition Demo

2, Big Data

Speakers: Abel Truong.

Big idea: Thesis and Researches of Big Data. Real case study of Big Data from Magestore’s customers.

Why? The Big Data technologies and initiatives are rising to analyze this data for gaining insights that can help in making strategic decisions. This massive amount of data is produced every day by businesses and users.

Speaker Abel Truong

The best part? When participating our TEK Talk, you can be rewarded for giving out questions and contributions to the event’s topics. Our friendly CEO will hand the reward to you directly.

Magestore’s CEO – Steve Ngo (right) hugged an event’s participant
Mr Tuan Kim Nguyen – Sao Kim Branding’s CEO shared thoughts of the TEK Talk #1

We are in process of making the next episode of Magestore TEK Talk 2019, expected to be in late September. Join us and be the next speaker today.


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