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Top Frequent Customization For Shop By Brand

Top Frequent Customization For Shop By Brand

How do shoppers usually find out a product on your webstore? In many cases, the answer is to sort by its brand. In regard of this behavior, we developed Magento Shop by Brand extension which allows you to create and show customers a page listing all the brands alphabetically and by category. The functionality helps customers find out the brands coming with products they concern in a twinkle of an eye, thus saving much more time and make shopping become smooth. The more adapt shop by brand to your business model, the more effective it is to find out products. So, in many cases, merchants customized our Shop by Brand module to match your product. Thus, what features do other merchants usually request to fit Shop by Brand for their business, let’s keep in reading on the following frequent customization for Shop by Brand extension.

Put Multi-Brands To One Product and vice versa

In addition to creating and showing a Brand listing page with group brands by category or alphabetically, merchants can also create the Brand detailed page which lets you show customers all necessary brand information such as brand name, logo, banner, description and product list. For each product, you can assign one corresponding brand and it is shown under the product name on detailed product page. However, actually one product can be published by a lot of different brands, for instance book store. A book can have one or more authors (brands) and an author (brand) can have one or more books, so one of the most frequent customization requests for Shop by Brand module is to put multi-brands to one product and put multi-products into one brand. In order to do that, you can create a new option from admin panel to choose one or more brands for the product. In this case above, the book author is considered as the brand in your business model. With this feature, you can add or remove one or more brands in detailed product page. This can be considered as a feature to be on demand from many merchants, especially book publishers.

frequent customization for Shop by Brand

The Improvement of Shop By Brand Interface

In order that the interface of Shop By Brand is user-friendly, store owners usually personalize some elements of detailed product page such as the position of brand, collection, the proportion of brand logo, short description of brand on detailed product page or the name of extension in Backend to perfectly consist with their customers. Back to the example above, you own a website selling books and you want customer to find out books by author or by collection. What you want to do is change the name of backend lable, your customers will shop by author instead of shopping by brand like the extension default. In other word, Shop by Brand module is very flexible to personalize the interface for your business model.

In conclusion

The Magestore Shop by Brand Magento extension provides advanced shop by brand functionality. Based on your business aim and customer behavior, you can customize this extension appropriately. The cases above can be some good ideas if you are looking for personalizing your Shop By brand system. We always have these talent and professional business analysts to help you analyze your business model and work out your most appropriate solution, so feel free to share with us your requirements to be consulted from experts for free.

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