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Reward Points has “All the bells and whistles you’ll need” [Interview]

Reward Points has “All the bells and whistles you’ll need” [Interview]

An E-commerce Director who already fell in love with Reward Points extension

Michael Levy is an E-Commerce Director at Groominglounge.com. Grooming Lounge is the top men’s retailer of premium men’s grooming, shaving and skin care products. Actually, when I visited this site, I said “WOW” and wanted to become handsome like a man 😉 Don’t believe? Let’s take a look at his site!

Reward Points extension - Interview

He is also one of our customers, using Reward Points Plus extension. He said that he, firstly, didn’t know about us but Magento Connect brought him to Magestore. He chose us because he believed in the Gold Partner of Magento Connect.

Michael said before using Magestore Reward Points Plus extension, he used to work with Sweet Tooth. But for some reasons, pricing for example, he made up his mind again to take another one from Magestore, which meant a lot to him.

Michael’s story about how he utilized Reward Points extension

When I asked him for some results and benefits he gained from Reward Points after a period of time, he told me that his customers loved points. They were willing to use their points & kept coming back. Thing surprised me was Michael’s idea to utilize his reward system. Wanna know more?

“We use the double reward days in newsletters and such which is sometimes better than offering discounts that vendors aren’t always thrilled to see with their brands.” – Michael shared.

Great! What an interesting idea for any business who want to attract more customers! Reward Points extension helps you create a campaign to motivate customers to buy more. Instead of offering them a fixed reward points as normally, you can boost them by rewarding double points for their activities at your site, like Michael did.

I also visited the page introducing about Reward Program of Grooming Lounge, read the copywriting & the way Michael Levy showed information for visitors. I didn’t read through but took it a little bit more seriously, and I found better ideas. Why don’t you try?

Reward Points extension - Interview

What did you see in it? I was impressed right on the name of Reward program: “Handsome Reward”. It really matches with Gromming Lounge branding which is to make men more handsome.

And well, Michael talked about the features he liked most of Reward Points extension

“It’s just a solid program all around. At some point, we’ll use the membership part a bit more which I think will make the loyalty even better too.”

Final nice words on the interview

“Fantastic support team. Really goes out of the way to help and does it diligently. Very impressed.” These are nice words Michael gave to Magestore support team. We are very happy when we can help not only Michael but also others with their problems.

Especially, Michael gave us higher inspiration. I will quote exactly what he said here

“I highly recommend this program if you’re looking for a rewards program. It has all the bells and whistles you’ll need. And Magestore has been excellent in their support. Give it a go!”

I have a meaningful interview with Michael Levy, E-Commerce Director at Groominglounge.com. I wanna say thanks to him for his sharing. Story like this is what I am looking for to get inspired while working.

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