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How Viimart.com runs numerous creative campaigns with Promotional Gift [Customer Story]

How Viimart.com runs numerous creative campaigns with Promotional Gift [Customer Story]

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Today I come back with another customer story after they use Magestore extensions. Promotional Gift, a must-have extension for setting up campaign in year end, is the extension chosen. 

A beauty store with lots of creative customer-centered promotional campaigns

Creative retailers always earn loyal fans for themselves. And Viimart, an online beauty store, has been doing a great job with their creative customer-centered promotional ideas (which you can explore here). Fortunately, Calvin Ong, an IT Specialist Viimart, has shared with us some experiences with his most-favored offers among current ones: Promotional Gift.

At that time Calvin were struggling to find a new way to attract customers and he came up with an idea: giving away free gifts. However, it seemed to be an old concept and he wondered if there were something, really simple yet powerful, that can help him flexibly set and manage multiple rules at once. Calvin then chat with Mr. Light, our IT Supporter, and was recommended using Promotional Gift extension – which became one of his best choices ever!

Why did Calvin fall in love with Promotional Gift?

Among all features, what makes Promotional Gift become so special with Calvin is that it shows choices of free gifts at checkout page. Currently Viimart is running a Promotional Gift campaign based on shopping cart rule: customers can select a preferred gift when their total order are over $60 or $100. This tactic will help Viimart increase the amount of order value and give customers incentives to buy at their store. Pretty cool, ha? And in order to do that, Calvin needs Promotional Gift with flexible and multiple rules:

First, Viimart uses a left side-bar popup to grab visitors’ attention and let them aware of the promotion:

Customer review - Promotional Gift

When total order amount is greater than $60 or $100, customers will be offered free gifts right at their checkout page:

PG select-01

Simple tools, outstanding utilization

Calvin also combined Promotional Gift with Social Login – another extension from Magestore. To be an IT specialist, Calvin can make some customization in two extensions to run campaign for Facebook users: customers logging in with Facebook accounts can get a small free gift when purchasing. Such a great idea!

We are really inspired by customers’ creative mind and passionate spirit like Calvin. And his store has been ready for this year-end sale season with powerful extensions in hand. What about you? Are you ready to rock it out?

P/S: Magestore is offering special holiday extension collection “Gift Plus” here! Get 15% OFF when buying two or more from this collection and make your holiday campaigns flourish!

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