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Gift Card extension is “simply awesome”. See why? [Case Study]

Gift Card extension is “simply awesome”. See why? [Case Study]

Hi buddies,

“Your extension is simply awesome”. Can you guess the extension that our customer mentions in this sentence?

It is Gift Card extension.

Customers’ feedback, whether it is good or bad, is helpful for us to update our extension. Realizing that important thing, I decided to actively contact with our customers to get their comments. Lucky me! Vinay Kumar, CEO of Ubroskart.com, accepted my request.

Ubroskart uses Magestore Gift Card extension

Reasons for Ubroskart.com chose Magestore Gift Card extension

The company is a marketplace company which is newly established in Delhi, India. Vinay shared with me that he needed Gift Card extension to target the corporates.

“We like a lot about customisation of every gift card. Like a person who buys any gift card product he/she can customise the templates according to their needs.”

That’s the reason, also the feature Vinay like most when using Magestore Gift Card extension. Even more, when I asked Vinay about what is the most interesting thing of Gift Card on his site, he answered “This extension have a proper control on the payment process as it automatically refreshes all the payment methods and bring the boat on the sail.”

It means that at checkout page, when customers use Gift Voucher to pay all for their orders, payment methods will be reloaded and no payment method required.

Here is how Gift Card shown on checkout page of Ubroskart.com.

Ubroskart uses Magestore Gift Card extension

Results after using Gift Card extension

I am really curious about how Gift Card extension helps Vinay’s business. I asked him about the result and what he said is really meaningful to me.

“We have implemented this extension on the new website. This extension has given a good response from our target market. We have received a good boost in our sales in the form of returning and new customers.”

Not only can Gift Card attract new customers but it also a good reason for others to come back and use their Gift Card credit to shop.

“Your extension is simply awesome” is for Magestore Gift Card extension

It is a motivation for not only me but other developers & marketers at Magestore who have been working so hard to make Gift Card become the best in the market.

I do hope that it will also be your inspiration to try Magestore extensions. Let’s go to Gift Card product page to understand why CEO of Ubroskart.com said that.

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