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Get Free Extension & Influence further development by joining Quickbooks Integration Beta Launch!

Get Free Extension & Influence further development by joining Quickbooks Integration Beta Launch!

Hi everyone, we’re glad you’re interested in joining our beta tester community.

In order to enhance our extension’s quality into a whole new level and provide a better customer experience with our products, we decided to launch our first BETA TEST for the latest extension: Quickbooks Integration.

If you are interested in connecting your Magento store to Quickbooks Online and synchronizing all the data without labor work, this could be a good opportunity to try out the Quickbooks Integration Extension FOR FREE. Save time and money, this is what Quickbooks Integration can do for your business. Your feedback will help shape and improve these products before they are launched to the public.

Also, we provide beta test participants with a prompt support if they have any feedback/trouble during the beta testing process. We will support you to get up and running and discuss high-level questions, but we won’t be able to support specific implementation questions.

So, What this beta test is all about?

We will provide a communication channel to collaboratively impact the direction and approach of a project. During this beta stage, we are working on validating the model accuracy and end-user experience using real-life data and performance metrics from real situations. We’ve built all of the core functionality including:

– Automatically synchronizing all data in Magento direct to QuickBooks Online

– Reduce manual data mistakes by checking data errors instantly

– Easy to connect to QuickBooks Online using QuickBooks’ OATH keys

– Easy to manage the sync process both manually and automatically

– Sync product’s quantity from Quickbooks Online to Magento store.

There are a few pre-requisites to be part of this beta

– You’re using Quickbooks Online for business management

– You are small/medium size business owner

– You are using Magento Platform for your web store (of course!)

– Your store is using 1 tax agency only

And we expect you to:

  1. Provide feedbacks on the feature, ease of use, and documentation
  2. Report any bugs
  3. Be open to working very closely with us, initially and ongoing through this stage
  4. Willingness to get it wrong, in order to make it better

Quickbooks Integration extension is fully tested before launching the beta version; however, we believe it could be even more complete if early customers can provide feedback that can significantly impact our direction and implementation. In order to use any Early Access program, you must accept the pre-release agreement for your user and/or organization. Once you’ve accepted the agreement, you’ll have access to our Platform Early Access programs.


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