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3 Successful Results of Magestore Reward Points

3 Successful Results of Magestore Reward Points

Hey guys,

You might have run a reward system on your store. Maybe not because you are considering about which tools/extensions you should use. I have proofs for you today that you should choose Magestore Reward Points extension.

3 successful key results Reward Points Plus extension brings about

See these successful key results of Reward Points Plus extension and you will know why

Successful Results of A Reward System*Statistics come from our 500 surveys to all customers who bought this extension within 1 year.

Updated Platinum Edition of Reward Points Plus extension

In the blog post introducing about Reward Points Plus extension updates, I mentioned the reasons and explained carefully why it was updated. To make sure you don’t miss it, here are some new features:

  • Customers no longer consider about whom they have referred by a detailed transaction history in dashboard

  • Encourage more friends to create accounts by giving them points for registration

  • Retain customers in your store by crediting even their login activities

Get the latest version now

If you still question, don’t hesitate to leave a reply so that I can help you right away.

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