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How Pixel Pro Audio used Web POS to maximize sales and conversions [Customer Interview]

How Pixel Pro Audio used Web POS to maximize sales and conversions [Customer Interview]

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The busy shopping is going on and I guess all the shopping spots from small stores to big shopping malls are trying hard to serve as many customers in a short time as possible. In regard of this concern, Magestore has developed MAGENTO WEB POS EXTENSION with the aim to make offline selling more convenient for sales staffs.


Web POS helped maximize sales reach and conversions

Last week, my colleague Daisy had a pleasant interview with Mr. Chris Van Den Berg, Web Manager of Pixel Pro Audio and listened to his experience with Web POS and other products and services from Magestore.
Let’s follow the recording of the interview.

Pixel Pro Audio with Magento extensions

Chris PixelProAudio web manager Web POS customer

Daisy: Thank you very much for accepting our interview invitation, Chris. Could you please introduce a little about the website to everyone?

Mr.Chris: Thanks for the invitation. Our website,, is a leading pro audio e-commerce storefront with thousands of new and used products for the musician and music professional that centers around studio and home recording.

Daisy: What attracted to Magento?

Mr.Chris: Our company started out as an eBay store, and a couple of years ago we decided that we wanted to grow beyond the bounds of eBay and develop an e-commerce storefront that would become the central hub for all of our products and to help us connect with our customers. We ultimately decided to build our site around Magento because of its power and flexibility as an e-commerce engine, and its ability to act as that central hub between various different sales channels. Another feature that we love about Magento is the wide variety of extensions from developers such as Magestore that allow us to add more usability to our site and help us compete in the marketplace.PIXEL PRO AUDIO using WEB POS

Daisy: How did you know Magestore, Chris?

Mr.Chris: Our site developer first got us setup with the Magento One Step Checkout extension when we were setting up our website and highly recommended your extensions. As our business model has expanded and our site needs changed, we would research extensions and products to help us meet those needs, and the Magestore products often come up on top.

Daisy: Why did you choose Magestore as a Magento extension provider and select our Magento Web POS module?

Mr.Chris: We’ve used extensions from a variety of companies, but we love the power and affordability that we find in the Magestore extensions. The Web POS module is extremely straight forward and easy to use, which was perfect for training our employees. It was also fairly easy to setup, and because of the available free trial, we were able to make sure that the extension would meet all of our needs before committing to it which was great.

Daisy: Besides Magento POS extension, is there any other extension from Magestore that you have been using?

Mr.Chris: There are a variety of Magento extensions that we utilize on our website. I’ve already mentioned One Step Checkout as one of those.


How Web POS extension helped maximize sales and conversions

Daisy: In your opinion, what’s the most important thing to focus on when setting up Magento Web POS extension?

Mr.Chris: For us it was making sure that Web POS would work in a variety of different situations, whether the customer was physically in front of us or on the phone. Making sure that it would work seamlessly with our existing inventory and extensions was our biggest concern.

Daisy: Are you satisfied with the design and features of our Magento POS extension?

Mr.Chris: Yes, we are quite satisfied with the design, layout and features that Web POS module provides for us. We did require one bit of customization for the extension, but the support team was great and took good care of us to make sure we were ready to go.

Daisy: Christ, could you please let me know how Web POS module brings convenience, and benefits your online business?

Mr.Chris: One of our goals as a company is to try and maximize as many sales channels as possible from Magento, and Magento POS helped bring everything together by allowing us to setup a physical storefront while still connecting with our inventory system in Magento. It also allows us to help our customers checkout over the phone to help maximize our sales reach and conversions.


Feed-backs on Magestore’s extensions and support

Daisy: Have you ever worked with Magestore’s supporters? How do you think about them?

Mr.Chris: The support team is great. They helped us get everything setup and ready to go, especially with our customization. They also were great at helping answer questions about the product before we even decided to commit to purchasing it.

Daisy: Are you considering any other Magestore’s extensions for your future projects?

Mr.Chris: Absolutely. We are looking at purchasing a few additional Magestore extensions in the next year, such as the Magento Reward Points Plus – Platinum, Promotional Gift+, and the Store Credit extensions. All of which look like they will help us connect with our customers and add some great value to our website as well.

Thank you for your detailed answers, Chris. We wish you good luck and prosperity in your business in the new year 2014!

Interview credit: Daisy – Partner Manager

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