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5 stars for Magestore Magento Daily Deal module!

5 stars for Magestore Magento Daily Deal module!

Hey you! Time flies so fast and this year is going to end very soon. Christmas is coming and now is the right time to prepare for new promotion campaigns and heat up your store. Have you had any project yet?

Below is a nice short talk between me and Sergejs – developer and co-owner of  www.buygamecode.com. His store is located in Estonia. As its name, Buygamecode.com specializes in selling digital keys for PC games, which is a very competitive and fast growing  business. Sergejs has been running Daily Deal program quite effectively on his site. Hope that my interview today will help you find some interesting ideas for your own store. Let’s get started!

magento blog - Magento Daily Deal extension - Daily deal page

Daily Deal page on Buygamecode.com

Michelle: Hello Sergejs! Nice to talk to you. How have you been these days?

Sergejs: Thank you, Michelle. I’m fine :)

Michelle: Well. I see that you are running Daily Deal on your site. It looks great. So why did you decide to run Daily Deal program and select Magestore Magento Daily Deal extension?

Sergejs: You know, Daily Deal is always hot. We can offer discount for specific items each day to bring more excitement to our customers when visiting our site. Customers will have motivation to visit our site more frequently to check out whether their desired products are discounted. Magestore’s  Daily Deal  Magento module is exactly what we are looking for. It covers all features of what we needs and offers a good price also.

magento blog: Magento Daily Deal extension in product page

Daily Deal displayed on product page

Michelle: Thank for looking into our product. Sergejs, I am wondering how many Magestore extensions you have used so far?

Sergejs: Just one, Magento Daily Deal ;) But I think we may have further cooperation in the near future.

Michelle: How long have you run Magento Daily Deal?

Sergejs: We have run Daily Deal for nearly three weeks. This is the most popular program in our site till now.

Michelle: Does Daily Deal benefit your online business, Sergejs?

Sergejs: Sure. Actually, our site looks more attractive and the revenue has been growing. We are totally satisfied with it.

magento blog: Magento Daily Deal extension in category pageDaily Deal on Category page (shown in sidebar)

Michelle: Have you ever encountered challenges when running this module? How do you think about our supporters?

Sergejs: I like the whole module and especially the Manage Deal function. Although I met the minor error regarding “no items in the items choice window” but I contacted with your supporters and got their help in solving it quickly. 5 stars for them!

Michelle: Just one more question. Do you have  any suggestions for Magestore  Daily Deal extension?

Sergejs: Uhm…It will be great if you can add a function like “prepare new deal from old one” to the module. Anyway, thanks Magestore for the wonderful Magento module. We are considering other extensions and Magestore is one of good and possible suppliers.

Michelle: Thank you so much, Sergejs. We appreciate your suggestion and will try to update it in next versions of this extension. It’s pleasure of me to talk to you today. Wish you all the best in life and business! :D

For those who are interested in Magento module, just go to : http://www.magestore.com/ to view outstanding products.

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