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2 top customizations for Magestore’s PDF Invoice extension

2 top customizations for Magestore’s PDF Invoice extension

At the end of the sales process, store owners may issue an invoice to shoppers. Although it is not a marketing material, it’s good to keep consistent business branding across all documents to customers. Magestore’s PDF Invoice Plus extension for Magento 1 and Magento 2 have already provided users with basic templates to generate their own invoice form. However, if you want further customizations, find below 2 top frequent customization requests that Magestore has implemented for our PDF Invoice Plus extension:

1. Add warehouse information into PDF invoice

Owners of multiple warehouses may understand the pain of tracking products coming in and out, especially when an order requires products from different warehouses. Adding warehouse information on an invoice will help accelerate order preparation and shipment and reduce the duplicated documents. It ensures the stocks are taken from the exact sources and returned easily without too much effort on tracking back purchase history.

The current settings of Magestore’s PDF Invoice Plus allow users to display the store view of the product (if you own more than 1 web-store), but not the warehouse it is taken from. Luckily, you can edit the HTML code to include this information with our Edit Manually function. Actually, with coding knowledge, you can tweak the template to include whatever information you want in our PDF Invoice extension.

manually edit HTML code in Magestore PDF invoice extension

Magestore’s PDF Invoice Plus extension allows editing HTML code

However, keep in mind that inappropriate changes on the Manual Editor page may cause losing the drag-and-drop ability on the Edit Design page. Therefore, make sure that you are skillful with HTML to avoid damaging the Template Design.

If you don’t feel confident enough with your coding skills, we can lend a hand. Magestore’s customization service can help you add warehouse information as well as any extra changes to your invoice within an agreed period. If you already have a specific template in mind, you may find similarities in the next request.

2. Creating a new PDF invoice template

As mentioned above, our PDF Invoice Plus advantages you with the ability to edit HTML code and customize your own template. However, this requires advanced HTML skill that many clients are not 100% confident about, while we know the best about our product. Hence, we regularly receive customization requests to create a totally new invoice design to fit their business. Obviously, this is a wise decision compared to mistakenly destroying the convenient drag-and-drop function that our extension already had. Who knows if you may need to change some little details in the near future.

In a recent request, we created an invoice template that is available both in English and French. As a summary, what we did for the customer was:

  • Changing the header design;
  • Moving the Payment lower on the page;
  • Altering the payment summary section;
  • Making the Discount amount a separate row under discounted products;
  • Combining Shipping method and Shipping fee into a Transport row.

After customization, our customer received the exact invoice template that they want. The new invoice reflects the business information and therefore, should be easily recognized by their customers. It shows this business owner truly cares about branding.

Magestore PDF Invoice extension original templates

Magestore PDF Invoice Extension provides 2 templates to choose from.

customer's invoice template after Magestore customization

Customer’s desired invoice template after using Magestore’s customization service.

Before this post ends, I just want to remind you that Magestore’s PDF Invoice Plus extension allows advanced HTML Template Design Editor. Using this function, developers can make all the changes by themselves. Changes are applied in real time in frontend. However, if you prefer spending time on other works, we are willing to do the customizations to follow specific requirements. Just contact support@magestore.com for FREE consultation, or learn more about our customization service to elevate any e-commerce business.

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