The first Magento PWA POS in the market

Magestore is releasing the beta version of the first Magento PWA POS ever!

Yes, we are so excited!

Yay to PWA POS Beta Release!

It starts with our motivation to continuously improve and deliver a better POS system to all Magento retails.

We know that fast and reliable performance is the highest priority to help retail stores keep up with rush hours.  A good retail POS system also needs a user-friendly interface, accurate data sync and high data security.

Starting from March 2018 with over 4300 business rules, we finally have our first version of PWA POS ready for Magento 2.

High speed, reliable functions & easy-to-use UI like a native app –  that’s what Magestore’s PWA POS is about!

Why PWA (Progressive Web App)?

“As 2017 draws to a close, we encourage commerce leaders to make sure that Progressive Web Apps are on your 2018 Magento roadmap and start planning for a migration from your current Responsive site to Progressive Web Apps next year.”

Peter Sheldon, Vice President of Strategy, Magento Commerce

What’s PWA?

A progressive web app (PWA) is a regular website but feels and looks like a native application.

It starts as a normal web page in a browser. The user can add its icon on their device home screen. Once opened from the home screen, it hides the browser UI controls and appears as an app.

Google first introduced PWA in 2015. Since then, it has become a hot topic among developers for relatively simple development, smooth user experience and effective user engagement.

Benefits of PWA

PWA has numerous key features that make them different from traditional websites and native apps. These features bring a lot of benefits to users.

rise in conversion of AliExpress as a PWA POS early adopter
Source: Read more here.

In a nutshell, PWA is:

  • Reliable: Load instantly & able to work offline or on low-quality networks.
  • Fast: Quick response to user interactions, smooth animations & no janky scrolling.
  • Easy to use: App-like interface & experience, with access right from a device home screen.
  • Engaging: Push notifications keep customers interested.
  • Safety: PWAs are served through HTTPS, so unauthorized users can’t access their content.

With the combination of the innovative PWA technology and Magestore’s leading POS system, there we have the first PWA POS for Magento.

So what this Magento PWA POS can do? You’re very close to finding out. Read on!

Outstanding keys of Magestore PWA POS for Magento 2

We all know the struggle of peak hours in running a brick-and-mortar store.

Long lines at the checkout and unpleasant in-store experience will hurt both store owners and customers. Long wait times can actually dissuade customers from shopping with a particular business at all.

Magestore PWA POS is changing that paradigm.

Magestore’s first Magento PWA POS in the market – available on PC, iPad & tablet

In short, this PWA POS is for every Magento retailer who is running an online-to-offline business and expects to enhance performance in store.

With the latest upgrade to PWA, now you can use our leading Point of Sale seamlessly on any devices (desktop, iPad, Tablet) like a native app. Get ready to enjoy outstanding benefits from this Magento PWA POS as below:

Speedy Checkout to save your (customer’s) precious time

According to a recent report by payment platform Adyen, long checkout lines cost retailers $37.7 billion in sales each year.

This needs to stop.

Our Magento PWA POS delivers a lightning-speed checkout experience. Your customers will no longer have to wait. With the scope of 100,000 SKUs and 100,000 customers, PWA POS can:

  • Load data when opening < 10s
  • Search customer < 1s
  • Scan barcode < 1s
  • Process transactions of up to 12.000 orders per hour (equivalent to 200 active POS systems)

So, our Magento PWA POS can process multiple orders at a time. Or, you can hold an order to check out later in case the customer forgot their wallet. This means more customer satisfaction, more transactions in one day and more revenue for your business.

Enjoy a native-app UI with no installation

Yes, you heard it right. No installation at all!

PWA  gives a unique experience of a website which feels like a native app. You neither need any installation package nor an app store.

All you need is an original URL, then add its shortcut to your device screen in a few clicks. Voila! Get an instant access to Magestore’s PWA POS!

Add Magestore PWA POS to PC desktop in 4 simple steps
Add PWA POS to the screen in a few clicks

As PWA combines the best of the web and the best of the apps, our Magento PWA POS can work perfectly on all devices (PC & Tablet/iPad). You can enjoy an immersive experience like using a native app.

View available stocks from one POS

Very often does your store run out of stock while others have excess. Unaware of the stock status at other stores, you have to disappoint your customers by saying sorry. This, if continues, may cost you a lot by losing customers at the current stores and having deadstock at the other stores.

To save your from this potential cost, our Magento PWA POS allows the cashier to view available stocks of other stores right on their POS.

click on a product to see available stock at other locations
View available stock at other locations in 1 click

Now that your customers will be happy again. Instead of a disappointing “sorry”, you can offer to deliver the products straight to their house later (with free shipping!).

No muss, no fuss!

Get more done from the offline mode

If you have used our Web-based POS, you must love its offline mode. It allows checkout even when the internet is down. Hence, there will be neither operational disruptions nor data loss.

During offline mode, Web-based POS solution automatically saves all data of new orders and gets old data from your IndexedDB browser. When you’re back online, orders will be automatically synced to the system.

Now with the stability of PWA, you can totally count on our Magento PWA POS when the internet is down. It’s even possible to refresh the browser (press F5) without internet.

Moreover, you can export unsynced orders into a PDF file for backup purpose.

Selling at events and conventions is much easier when you don’t depend on the network strength.

Choose your favorite mix of payments

A flexible offer of payments is another key to a retail success.

Customers can pay however they like. They can pay the total order amount in one go or pay partial at a time & the rest later.

Our Magento PWA POS supports all of the most popular methods of payment and in a flexible way. This means it can:

  • Checkout with multiple online payment methods per order;
  • Take in-store payment with online payment gateway: Paypal (Credit Card and Email),, Stripe;
  • Process offline payment: Cash, offline credit card;
  • Allow Partial payment with online payment.

By offering all convenient payment methods, you’ll get the recipe for their love (and their spending too!).

Customer is willing to pay

Offer other advanced checkout privileges

Magestore PWA POS has numerous advantages that will make the daily operation of a retail store much easier.

Tax Calculation:

  • Display price including/ excluding tax;
  • Calculate tax based on:
    • Store address: if customers buy at the store,
    • Customer address: if you’re shipping to the customer;

Promotion and Loyalty Program:

  • Apply Magento shopping cart rules;
  • Apply coupon code;
  • Use reward points to proceed checkout;
  • Redeem store credits at the payment screen;
  • Display customers’ balance on receipt.

Aftersales Process:

  • Check order history anytime, anywhere
  • Process refund
  • Export unsynced orders to PDF file for backup

pwa pos supports various types of hardware

Integrated Hardware:

  • Usable on: PC, iPad, Tablet
  • Barcode Scanner: connected via USB, Bluetooth
  • Printer
  • Card Reader
  • Cash Drawer

Beta release PWA POS

In order to ensure the highest benefits to users, we temporarily launch a beta version of PWA POS for Magento 2.

During this beta period, we will fill all the left-over gaps and improve the product. You can believe that once officially launched, Magestore’s PWA POS will be the most reliable POS system for Magento.

Becoming a beta user of Magestore’s PWA POS, you will experience the FIRST and ONLY Magento PWA POS in the market. A dedicated Account Manager from Magestore will work closely with you step-by-step. Installation is absolutely free. All we ask from you is your honest feedback.

Update on 04 September 2018: Thank you all for your support for our beta version. We have officially released a brand new POS for Magento 2 with PWA technology. So, head to Magestore and check it out!

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