This is the next episode of Review of Magento POS extension. We have run through 3 reviews which all focus on what makes Magento POS better. Now remember the last topics of Magento POS extension:

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These reviews are about different aspects of new update in Magento POS, and this topic we will tell about one new updated feature – Magento POS Cash Drawer Management feature. Let’s see what makes the best point of sale system.

Why a store clerk need Cash Drawer Management

Typically, a store clerk needs to manage the cash drawer as much as possible. They want to add more cash so they can give the change to the customers easily. Or they want to draw out an amount of money to purchase something.

This function act as the same as the normal cash drawer. A cash drawer is something besides the cash register to manage the cash of the store. Whenever you need more cash, you can withdraw from the cash drawer. But the problem is how you can manage the process of cash withdrawal.

However, the old Point of sale system can only allow customers to control the current cash flow, they can’t add more or decrease the amount of money. Such inconvenience is no longer, as we have the Cash Drawer Management feature now. With this new feature, you will never worry about your money, it won’t be leaking anywhere. All works relating to the cash drawer will be automatically recorded in a report. Your money will be in high security.

Magento POS Cash Drawer Management feature

You will never leak your money with this new feature. Web POS system will record deposits and withdrawals from your cash drawer then compare them with the actual cash amount. You can see this picture below:

Magento POS Cash Drawer Management feature

Moreover, this record will be submitted in Z report – another new function of Magento Web Point of sale extension. Now are you ready to have a new Cash drawer management.

Magento POS Cash Drawer Management feature

For everyone who wants to know more about our product, you should read our user guide and change logs.

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