You are owning, or preparing to own a retail store. As you research, you know that it is necessary to have a POS system for a typical retail store. So you decide to have a POS system for your store.

However, don’t rush my friends, at least you should know about the basic knowledge of a POS system.

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For example, do you know that a POS system can be mobile responsive? It means you can totally use it on smartphone or tablets rather than in a huge desktop system.

This example above is just one little POS knowledge.

Now let’s see and understand more about one POS system.

The difference between a POS system and an Electronic Cash register

First, we should know about the Electronic Cash register. Even in the modern life, many retail stores just use a device named Electronic Cash register to process the transaction. Even small business prefer this device more than purchasing a whole Point of Sale system. We must know that a Cash register only works the same way as a calculator, in addition to making the invoice. Because of this limited function, the Electronic cash register is always lower price than a full Point of sale system. However, as you reading in The Importance of POS system, we need a full system for a lot of benefits it brings back.

POS knowledge - Electronic cash register

That’s why for a business who want to aim about long-term goal, they must consider to bring the Point of sale into use. Don’t hesitate to spend money on it, especially when the cost of a lifetime POS system like Magento POS extension is only $299. Are you ready to speed up your checkout process and receive more profits?

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The Return on investment studying

With a POS system, you can make the long line at the checkout counter move faster. You will eliminate any human errors could occur, reduce the losses and therefore increase the efficiency. In addition, you can make a report for each day about your daily transaction, realize who your golden customers are and which items are highest sold. Everything will count as multiple times as just the fixed cost you pay for your POS system. Especially when a Point of Sale System provides all of the necessary information a business needs to make important decisions. It provides flexible reporting and cost & labor saving inventory management tools that help identify vulnerable areas of the business.

POS knowledge - Study the Return on Investment

Know more about What makes the best Point of sale system for you, you will find out lots of solution to bring the best ROI for your business.

>Before going to the next section, this full POS guide for Store Manager maybe good to you. See it now!

Benefit with the E-commerce online store

Since online store becomes more and more popular today, the ones who want to join this game will find a solution to boost up the sales. And a best POS system, for example, the Magento POS, will help you with these features:

Sales: Simplified checkouts and reduce long customer queued lines with both barcode scanners and a touchscreen.

Customers: Loyal customers will be remembered because Magento point of sale retains info and history of purchases. Once you learn more about your customers and what they buy, you can increase sales with Magento Reward Points.

Inventory: Easy management of stock levels. Effectively reduce unnecessary investment while protecting against out of stocks by tracking on-hands, on-orders, and shipments.

E-commerce: Grow your business by reaching a wider audience. Set up shop on the web with ease.

Security: All information will be strict secured.

Reports: Know everything you need to know about your business, rebuild your strategies and shape your business goals.

Now you have the basic knowledge of a POS system, this will not be the time to lose your competitors anymore. Purchase Magento POS extension to beat them.

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