POS system is more and more important in the retail merchant. As stated in The necessity of POS system, using a Point of sale system will help you optimize the checkout process, while completely eliminate the human errors and reduce your losses to increase the efficiency. With so much power in its hand, most merchants claim POS system to be the must-have system for every retailer.

With the booming development of Magento in E-commerce field, it is sensible that a Magento extension like Magento Point of sale attracts both merchants and developers’ attention. And as a new feature will release soon in this week, why we don’t have an overview of how it works.

Let’s see in Review of Magento POS extension – New update of X and Z report in Magento POS.

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The definition of X and Z report in POS system

X report stands for a cumulative report, which shows current shift information in details without closing next shift. For Point of Sale system, the store clerk can print the report anytime in a day to check transaction detail.

While Z report will close the current shift to start new shift immediately, so it is more preferable to print the report at the end of the day.

The points which differentiate X report and Z report is:

_ The time which report are performing: While it is flexible for X report to be printed anytime during the day, Z report should only be performed at the end of the day.

_ Change shift information: X report allows to continue the shift after closing current shift, while Z report end it immediately and start new shift afterward.

Different between X and Z report

Magento POS new update about X and Z report

Magento POS extension is the new solution for Point of sale system, which is completely mobile responsive, with the smooth interface, flexible discounts offering and multiple payment methods allowance. Everything you need in a Point of sale system, you will find it in Magento POS. Moreover, which is quite different from other Magento extensions, Magento POS extension can run even in offline mode, which will be automatically syncing when losing network and save all customers’ data as well as perform with current offline data.

X and Z report of Magento POS extension

Besides the current daily report on POS orders, Magento users can easily select between the X and Z reports. Remember that Z report is not a daily report, because it also allows users to check the cash in and cash out which submitted in Cash Drawer Management. For example, when your cash register is out of cash and you need to add in, the function Cash Drawer will help you add it in for better management, and then recorded to Z report.

With the new update of X report and Z report, the report system of Magento point of sale extension will not let you down. Through the X and Z report system, printing report will never be much easier. X report will print the individual receipt, while Z report helps the period report of sales.

New update of Magento 2 POS has been released. For better knowledge, why you don’t check our user guide and change logs. Are you ready for a new era of Point of sale system now?

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