Point of sale (or POS) system, sometimes called as a Retail Management system, is used to manage the activity at the point of sale – where a transaction is completed. Some people maybe don’t understand the importance of POS system, however, you must be surprised at how it helps your checkout to be faster.

And as you can read in the problem of losing customers in the checkout process, you never want to slow it down. So if you are preparing to expand your store by adding more goods, you must need the POS system.

Today, we will discuss why a POS system is important for your own store.

  1. Maximize the checkout process optimization
  2. Completely eliminate any human errors
  3. Reduce your losses
  4. Increase the efficiency
  5. Update with your Return on Investment (ROI)

Maximize the checkout process optimization

This is why you must have a POS system, as in the checkout process of a retail store, a POS system can increase the speed up to ten times. Especially in a retail store when you use a barcode scanning, the speed may even increase more. You must wear in the shoes with your customers, and understand that they never want to queue for so long just to wait in turn to purchase. With the help of POS system, you will reduce the cart abandonment rate, which is the most painful for any store owners.

For Magento store owners, you can use Magento POS extension, combining with Magento One Step checkout to reduce the cart abandonment rate, and through that, increase sales by at least 30%.

The importance of POS system - optimize the checkout process

Completely eliminate any human errors

This case is very sensible, imagine your store clerk execute about 100 purchasing process in 1 day, and the only thing she has is just a calculator. Well, just a wrong click and the manual calculating is all done. Wrong calculating cause most of the trouble with the customers, and sometimes this is the last excuse you can make for them. In case you calculate less for the goods, for example the price is $2 but you only count for $1, you definitely lose this $1. And for each hour of losing $1, you are losing $5000 in a whole year. What a shame.

The importance of POS system - Eliminate human errors

However with a POS system, it completely eliminates any human errors. It will always add the true price of the goods and calculate it automatically.

Reduce your losses

This is just the consequence of eliminating human errors. You won’t lose your customers because of arguing or lose your profits because of wrong clicking. Whatever it is, you reduce your losses beneficially. Moreover, you don’t believe your store clerk with the money, POS system won’t allow them to steal your money from your safe.

Increase the efficiency

Well, to reduce losses means to increase the efficiency. And optimize checkout process also contribute to efficiency increasing. If you can integrate the POS system with an accounting software, everything will go even more smoothly, and you will never be afraid of making any mistakes when summing up the accounting.

the importance of POS system - Increase efficiency

Update with your Return on Investment (ROI)

A POS system will help you to manage everything, from what is the best sales you make from one product, or the quantity. Understand the most successful items can help you know what is necessary to focus on. And with a professional POS system like Magento Web POS extension, you can easily know who are the most loyal customers, as well as which goods they are most interested in. Develop your store is much more simple when you know the ROI.

The importance of POS system - Update with your ROI

So it is the new age of technology, and you don’t want to stay behind this with your only calculator anymore. Time to understand the importance of POS system and use it now.

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