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Today, Magestore team is pleased to announce the newest version of Omnichannel Solution for Magento 1 – Version 1.1.0

In the newest version, tons of bugs have been deleted forever and ever.

pos update for magento 1

For Web-based POS:

link POS location to store view in backend

We have a new feature – Link POS location with Store View of Magento. All backend configuration in Store View will be synced with POS Location. Your staffs now can save time on setting up the POS  to fit with Store View. A big time-saver!

Besides, we have fixed a number of bugs to deliver a better POS experience:

• Fix bug being unable to use store credit when checkout

• Fix bug allowing to pay by store credit after having paid all by cash

• Fix bug not showing SKU of the custom sale item in hold orders

• Fix bug allowing to add an item with is_saleabl is false to cart

• Fix prefix table issue in Helper/Data.php

• Fix syntax issues in PHP7

• Fix bug price calculation of configuration product on POS

• Fix bug losing customer addresses after saved customer

• Fix bug not returning gift card value after having refunded

• Fix bug wrong Qty. in cart after transferring an item from online shopping cart to POS

• Fix bug missing transaction ID when using Stripe payment gateway

Magento Inventory Management

For Inventory Management:


The new version of Omnichannel Magento 1 also supports you in creating Credit memo & shipment in the backend. The system will automatically select default warehouse, so you just need to configure the default warehouse for shipment and refunding process.

Other updates include fixing bugs as follows:

Fix SQL error when viewing none-warehouse product

Fix bug not deducting stock of source warehouse after having completed direct transfer stock

Fix wrong date time when exporting data of stock movement, stock-taking & stock transferring

Fix bug when exporting over 1000 records of warehouse stock

Fix syntax in PHP7

Fix bug duplication of the export button in the stock listing page

Fix bug not showing SKU in stock movement history

Fix ACL issue of some menu items

The new scope proves extensive work performed for this latest release to improve the Omnichannel Solution in the Magento 1 businesses.

All above updates for Omnichannel Solution for Magento 1 are already available. If you already purchased our product, please log into your account at & go to Downloadable Products section to download this latest version.  Or contact us to see it in action and get yourself a retail management solution that works wonder.  

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