So we have finished every step to master Affiliate marketing – a prominent method of marketing which allow merchants to create Affiliate program, which may be in-house program or built by Affiliate network, to reach the Affiliate. When the affiliate refer a customer to the merchant’s store and this customer generates sales, the merchant will give a portion of the sales or a fixed amount for the affiliate, which can be called commission. Actually, a shop can boost sales by using Magento Affiliate plus – an extension created for Affiliate program building on Magento site. We have experience all the steps to master Affiliate marketing, which can be read below

Step 1 – Comparison between Affiliate network and in-house Affiliate program.

Step 2 – How to calculate the commission in Affiliate program?

Step 3 – How to create creatives for affiliate?

Step 4 – How to promote and recruit Affiliate?

Step 5 – Report and paying commission in Affiliate program.

Now after reading this post, you can be confident to shout out that you can master the Affiliate marketing and ready to achieve your goal by boosting sales. Finally, let’s take a good look at Last step to master Affiliate marketing – Report and paying commission.

Make Affiliate report – The one and only function of Magento Affiliate plus

After you complete making the affiliate program, it is necessary that you review the result of your affiliate. Making affiliate report is the eminent function which Magento Affiliate plus can provide. Now it is easy for you to do the report, as you have several sections as below:

Magento Affiliate plus Report

_ Sales amount: It is easily to track the sales through the Report plugin of Magento Affiliate plus. By reading the sales amount, affiliate can bring back to your store, you can decide if the affiliate program is useful or not. It also comes with a corresponding table below, so you can view more information, such as top affiliates, top traffic sources, bestseller products as well as manage new accounts.

For example, you can use the New account tab with sales amount to see how effective new accounts bring to you. If the results are poor, you can set base affiliate commission lower. This also works for the Top affiliates tab.

_ Transactions: This section help you read number of transaction and sales amount for each transaction conveniently.

_ Commissions: Necessary section allows you to manage the commission that you must pay for the affiliate. You can also read it in the corresponding table below.

_ Clicks and Impressions: manage the clicks of affiliate as well as the impression reports.

Therefore, it is easy to analyze affiliate program’s performance and get solution to improve it. Affiliates also can review their own performance and export reports by sales, clicks and impressions.

Magento Affiliate plus report plugin

The full features for both Administrators and Affiliates are here:

_ For Administrators:

  • Allow administrators to enable and disable the extension. The plugin is fully under your control.
  • Show reports of the total sales, the amount of clicks, transactions, commissions and impressions in each separated section.
  • Estimate the amount of website traffic through affiliates as well as the growth of referral accounts.
  • Provide the corresponding charts in different types like pie, line, etc. Seem like Google Analytics.
  • Make reports of sales, clicks, impressions, best-seller products, affiliate accounts based on referral links.
  • Make reports in different periods with specific information.

_ For Affiliates:

  • Allow affiliates to control the total sales and the amount of commissions, traffic and transactions with different time ranges. They can totally trust in your Affiliate program.
  • Statistics are displayed in charts so affiliates can follow easily.
  • Allow affiliates to view detailed reports of sales, the number of clicks and impressions in grid pattern. Such convenient.
  • Allow affiliates to download reports in CSV and Excel format.

Adjust commission paying

After reading the report, you must review all the steps you have done. For example, in the first step when you choose between to build your own affiliate program or to use affiliate network, is that reasonable when you choose the Affiliate network. Maybe it is convenient, but it costs you so much that you can’t afford it.

Calculate the commission is the most important step which needs to be reviewed. Once you check the report, you can adjust the commission paying for your affiliate to be most effective. You can reduce the base commission for low affiliates and keep top affiliates satisfied.

Create creatives and promote affiliate also count as the cost for your affiliate programs. Have you use them efficiency and effectively? You should check it as well.

Finally, we have done mastering the Affiliate marketing. Now the rest is up to you.

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