The evolution of Affiliate marketing since the very beginning of it in 1994 have a new level in the recent years. We should have a look at it rapid development of affiliate marketing. With new methods of attribution and many modern technology is introduced, from national to international expansion, 2016 will be the new opportunity as well as threat for everyone who has a thought to dig deep into Affiliate Marketing, a harsh environment which can easily make you lose $5000 per month.

This topic will identify the top 5 definite trends of Affiliate marketing in 2016. Stay ready and enjoy a coffee when you learn the new trends – which may somehow decide your next year, as it comes really close.

The official release of Magento 2 – new trend of E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing

By the late end of 2015, Magento 2 is official released. And since the success of Magento – The number 1 E-commerce platform which has more than 25% of market share just with the Community edition, we can all concur that Magento 2 will be the new dawn of E-commerce. For Magento users who want to catch the trend, you should learn more about migration to Magento 2 right now.

Magento 2

But first, what Magento can contribute to affiliate. Magento is a most popular E-commerce platform, right? That means most of the merchants who will be advertiser for the affiliate will use Magento. If you are an affiliate and you don’t want to lose $5000 per month, you must choose the advertisers carefully. The solution is to check how Magento Affiliate works and ask the advertisers if they are using this extension or not. The extension will give a full and clear contract of affiliate, making it easy and effective for both sides to implement. The merchants will easily manage to offer the affiliate about the commission, the terms and conditions. While the affiliate will be certain about the payment method, they will have faith and trust to be paid the commission which they deserved to earn. Consider how affiliate marketing will developed as a boom, the merchants should put Magento affiliate in their must-have list right now.

magento affiliate extension

New opportunity for mobile shopping apps

Have all of us heard about the importance of mobile in the modern days? It’s now the most concern and effective tool of digital marketing, and affiliate marketing is no exception. In 2014 the growth of mobile commerce beat the overall growth of e-commerce. And moreover, in 2015, the overall of mobile traffic is even exceed the desktop traffic. On ShareASale, one of the most popular affiliate networks, 25-30% of traffic and 15-18% of orders on Black Friday and Cyber Monday came from mobile devices. Affiliate should not stay out of this, as no one want to lose the 30% of sales gaining from a mobile responsive website. It is also the time of booming to Affiliate program in mobile, which are developed and promoted by Simicart.

The last but not least reason why you need to have a mobile shopping app as well as a responsive website is because Google algorithm highly recommend these websites which fit the user experience. Of course you don’t want to mess with Google, or at least, you don’t want that 61% of your customers will turn around with you.

More and more sophisticated attribution

Attribution is a hot topic in every field of marketing, especially in the affiliate field. A lot of merchants are developing a system of attribution and use it internally to evaluate which partnerships are now creating value and which fail to deliver any incremental revenue. With multiple complex attribution models such as multi-touch, time-decay attribution, or position-based attribution, and turning SaaS platforms like Magento Enterprise edition using Magento Affiliate plus extension to leverage data, they are now fully able to manage the attribution.

Since Wayfair took a big leap in this direction by making their internal attribution rules public, more transparency in their affiliate program has been created, letting their affiliates know how to behave correctly. The retailer’s new system pays the last affiliate that a visitor clicks on before adding something to the cart, rather than the standard policy of paying a commission to the last affiliate a consumer clicks on before making a purchase. More sophisticated attribution, more problems the Affiliate will have.


It’s both new and old trend in 2016. Globalization is never something new with everyone who update the news, but the global expansion in E-commerce is quite hard to track. When it comes to global affiliate marketing, many European programs are trying to break into the North American market this year and vice versa, the North American programs are deciding to penetrate the European market. While Asia market is also rising as the hottest market, we will see a complicated in affiliate marketing next year.

globalization in affiliate marketing

Affiliate becomes number 1 marketing channel

Long gone the day the merchants just treat the affiliate as subordinate channel for their promotion. Now thanks to the development of social media and viral marketing, working with affiliate will reward the merchants more than 50% they could do with all other channels. This situation will bring the affiliate to a new class of marketing channel. And the merchants will need to notice more about an affiliate program management, for example Magento Affiliate.


2016 is coming and no one expect it to be the last year of their business. For the merchants, they should accept the importance of affiliate to boost their sales higher. And the affiliate should be careful because many new threats are coming to them.

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