Personalization is ruling the current e-commerce scenario. Now, customers do not want to settle for anything generic. They simply crave experiences that bring out their uniqueness. 

64% of marketers see customer experience as the biggest benefit of personalization. This is more than improved conversion rates (63%), increased engagement (53%), and more lead generation (43%). That’s why if you’re running a Magento 2 print store, integrating a product designer extension can turn tables on your competitors. 

But if their store already has a designer tool, you can choose the best one out there. But how? You don’t have to lift a finger. We’ve picked 5 best contenders in 2024 for a detailed review to help you find a product designer extension that supports your Magento 2 print store needs.

Why do you need a Magento product designer extension?

To enhance your Magento 2 store, consider investing in a Magento product designer extension. Here’s why: 

  • Improve Sales and Customer Engagement – Personalized products improve sales, and amplify customer satisfaction, loyalty, and word-of-mouth referrals. 
  • Offer One of a Kind Products – Personalized, one-of-a-kind products help your store be distinct from competitors and attract new customers. This is because customers prefer stores where they can personalize their purchases.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty – Customers are more satisfied and likely to return when they can create products reflecting their personal style.
  • User-Friendly – Many product designer tools are easy for anyone to use, even without design experience.
  • Higher Customer Lifetime Value – Custom products encourage customers to spend more time over your online store.
  • Reduce Inventory Costs – You don’t need to overhaul your stock for personalization. Instead, a Magento product designer will add unique touches to existing products as orders come in, reducing the need to stockpile different versions.
  • Social Sharing – Some extensions let customers share their designs on social media, boosting your print store’s reach and interest in your products.

5 Best Magento 2 product designer extensions

  1. DesignO Magento 2 Product Designer By DesignNBuy

Design’N’Buy offers more than just a Magento 2 product designer extension; it’s a comprehensive web to print solution tailored for your Magento 2 store. It integrates easily with popular platforms like Magento and other e-commerce systems, offering comprehensive order management from pre-press to delivery.with ordering and reordering features. 

It provides multilingual and multi-currency support, handles multiple stores with centralized management. DesignO supports private branded storefronts for B2B and B2C sectors, and role-based admin access for data security.

It’s a mobile-responsive design tool that provides Canva-like experience on desktops and an app-like interface on mobile. Furthermore, it allows both novice and experienced designers to create custom artwork using a pre-loaded library or their own assets.

Real-time production tracking, job scheduling, and automated notifications also ensure deadlines are met and everyone stays informed. You can choose between print-ready or digital outputs and manage everything in “Job Dashboard.” 


  • Extensive product and pricing configurations
  • Mobile optimized interface.
  • Pre-integrated with Magento.
  • Comes with a centralized print management system.
  • Offers 3D preview, template builder and pre-loaded library of templates.
  • Live training, help desk, video tutorials and email and call support.
  • Provides various customization options.
  • Host DesignO on your server or on DesignNBuy’s servers.
  • Customers can share designs or download them directly.
  • Offers tiered pricing across multiple online and physical stores and manages it for uploads, and text additions.


  • Pricing for DesignO is not disclosed publicly.


  • A free trial is available for 14 days.
  1. MageComp

MageComp Magento product designer tool enables customers to personalize their chosen items. They can upload images or share their personalized designs directly from product pages on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

You’ll have the flexibility to charge extra for customizations and can enable or disable social sharing as needed. With MageComp Magento product designer, your customers can easily undo changes made during customization, print or download their designs. 

They can also use prebuilt designs provided by extension to speed up the design process. Moreover, the extension supports product personalization through text, images, fonts, and colors, making it ideal for offering personalized gift options.


  • Customers can design products directly from a Magento store’s front end.
  • Store admin will have complete control over product customizations.
  • Customers can share their custom designs on social media.
  • Store admin can set additional fees for personalized products based on customization options.


  • Customer support response times have been noted as sometimes slow by users.
  • Certain advanced features may incur additional costs.


  • $249
  1. Aitoc

The Aitoc product designer extension for Magento 2 stores lets you create custom design options for both simple and configurable products. You can define specific design areas for each product and name downloadable archives using order numbers and customized items using product SKUs. 

You can ensure that only customized products are purchased by making it a requirement for certain items. Multiple editable areas can be added to a single product, and you can set special pricing or make customizations free. 

Your customers can choose from default cliparts and fonts, upload their own or download custom designs in SVG format. You can control maximum text lengths and restrict purchase of non-customized products as needed. 

In addition, you can add a custom button for design feature with your preferred label, set maximum text lengths for input fields and specify different recipients for each email.


  • Less than 500 KB in size.
  • Supports both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Provides print-ready SVG format files and preserves original images for customized product previews.
  • Set premium prices for customized products, which can be disabled or adjusted at any time.
  • Unlimited editable areas of any size, with options to resize and distort design areas as needed.
  • Create multiple design areas for different product sides.
  • Support for various fonts, ability to upload custom fonts and option for curved text designs.
  • Features like adding shadows, adjusting opacity, and flipping, resizing, and rotating fonts.


  • Extended support for 1 year comes with additional costs. 


  • $249
  1. Milople

Customers using Milpole product designer extension for Magento 2 will have flexibility in choosing color, arrangement, and font styles with options for text formatting, alignment, and effects. 

They can upload images and select from a clip art gallery, then adjust their positions, rotate, align, flip, or delete them as needed. The tool supports designing multiple sides of products, and store admin can rename the “Add to Cart” button to options like “Personalize It.” 

They can also manage available fonts, upload clip art, and set limits on text and image uploads. Fees for customization, including fixed amounts or percentages of product prices, can be applied. Besides, store admin can preview and download high-resolution user designs from Magento admin, ensuring accurate printing.


  • Can configure multiple design templates to guide users in placing content within specified limits.
  • Store admin can offer pre-defined quotes for users to add to their designs.
  • Virtual keyboard supports text in different languages.
  • Store admin can create new subscription orders from the backend.
  • Store admin can apply fixed or percentage-based customization fees.
  • Multi-currency and multi-store currency features.
  • Subscription options for all customers, guests, or specific groups.
  • Store admin can select which products should have personalization.


  • Pre-designed templates, ready-made quotes and name and number feature is available only in Rich version.


  • Magento Community Edition/Single Licence
  • COOL Version: $102
  • Rich Version: $291
  • Magento Enterprise Edition/Single Licence
  • COOL Version: $252
  • Rich Version: $441
  1. CMSmart

CMSmart online designer for Magento 2 store helps customers create customized products by adding text, art, images, QR codes, and freehand drawings. It includes social sharing and save-for-later options, a new visual layout for all products, and the ability to design directly on the product detail page. 

Store admins can arrange text smartly, show product dimensions, and manage products and orders easily online. The tool allows for comprehensive font and art management, customer interaction on the Magento website, and display of designer tool pages. It includes general settings for printing options, archiving, and downloading designs in SVG format. Customers can upload and download design files, and import/export designs. 

It’s fully responsive and mobile-friendly, with features for color, order, and design template management. Additional capabilities of CMSmart product designer include adding text, a variety of clipart and sample images, QR code generation, freehand drawing, managing layers, and using hotkeys. 


  • Easily manage fonts in the backend.
  • Smooth and intuitive UI/UX.
  • Integrates with many e-commerce platforms.
  • Supports integration with other Magento 2 plugins for any product.


  • Pricing is not disclosed publicly.
  • Some users had installation errors with it.
  • Some users appreciated its features whereas many others showed dissatisfaction with communication and support.


  • Free quotation is available.

Final verdict

If you want to improve your Magento 2 print store with product personalization, adding a product designer extension is a smart choice. We reviewed 5 best designers of 2024 here: DesignO, MageComp, Aitoc, Milople, and CMSmart. Each tool comes with its advantages and drawbacks. Your ideal choice will depend on your specific needs and budget. DesignO is notable for its extensive features, like pre-loaded libraries, mobile-friendly design, and centralized print management. But if you’re on a budget, MageComp and Aitoc offer great value at lower prices. 

Milople includes a virtual keyboard for global users and subscription options, while CMSmart provides social sharing and freehand drawing features. By picking the right extension out of them, you can help customers create unique products, boosting satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.

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