We have completed almost half the way to master Affiliate marketing, the most effective marketing strategy to boost sales up to 70 percent on this Christmas. Together with the development of E-commerce is the rapid increase in using Affiliate marketing. That’s the reason why we need to master Affiliate marketing and today we will start the third step to solve the question How to create creatives for affiliate?

These are the main topics in the series of 5 steps to master Affiliate marketing

Step 1 – Comparison between Affiliate network and in-house Affiliate program.

Step 2 – How to calculate the commission in Affiliate program?

Step 3 – How to create creatives for affiliate?

Step 4 – How to promote and recruit Affiliate?

Step 5 – Report and paying commission in Affiliate program.

What is creative in marketing?

Creative is a general term used in marketing as the material to generate leads. It can be a visual or text contents used for advertising. With a combination of creatives, you can promote your E-commerce website much easier. The short list of creatives are:

_ Promo videos.

_ Banner creatives.

_ Professional product images .

_ Landing pages.

_ Email templates.

_ Text ads.

Specific guide to create creatives to help affiliate sell better

Why creatives can help affiliate sell better? Well, in fact Affiliates are always someone to be the Influencers. They may persuade others by many methods, however, if you can give them more creatives, they can push it far better. So let’s see how to create creatives for affiliate to use.

1, Promo videos

A promo video, or promotional video, is one of the best marketing tools designed to introduce or educate customers. It can refer to the particular product or even brand of the company. Generally, a promo video is a concise and direct video which lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes. It is usually about impulsive products, very well designed by video maker tools, thumbnail creators, and animation tools, and has a meaning to lead the traffic to the landing page. Actually, it usually comes with a long video to emphasize the key points and generate more additional interest.

Promo videos

A promotional video can also be utilized to great effect with online networking sites today. Upload the video to Youtube and then supply a link to the video’s owner website to interested audiences so they can make the process of purchasing products. It is not unusual for some websites to provide viewers with a simple way to share the link with other people that would be interested in the video as well, for example a “Share” button to Facebook. You know How can social media help your E-commerce website, right? That added benefit helps to increase the visibility of the video and thus further promote the message contained in the presentation.

2, Banner creatives

If your Affiliate is blog owner, maybe it is important to add banner creatives in their blog. It is quite simple when using Magento Affiliate plus because of the Banner & Link management feature.

Banner Manager in Magento Affiliate plus

You can upload tons of banners with different types (image/flash/text), links and sizes. After logging in, affiliates easily access banners & links that you provided. They can use the source code to post in websites, forums, etc. or click to share on social channels.

3, Professional product images

It is hard for people to decide to buy anything unless they have experienced, or at least, seen the product. In fact, with an E-commerce website, it is really essential to promote the product by professional product images. Since people can’t touch the physical product online, professional images have more effect on people decision. For example, your E-commerce website store must have high quality pictures like this

Professional product image

It is also the same with Landing pages, as you should put images in your landing pages. In conversionxl research, adding photos of real people to their customer service phone number increased visitor-to-call rates by 21%, and to landing pages increase the clickthrough by 190%.

4, Email templates

As email always hold an important position in marketing, using your email templates as creatives also help affiliate attract leads.

5, Text ads

It is quite effective to use the text ads, however you need to be a copywriter to make your words more polish. Text ads also appear on Google search result pages. If you want to promote text ads, do it soon.

We have completed half the way to master Affiliate marketing. Now you understand How to create creatives that helps affiliate sell, are you ready to know How to promote and recruit Affiliate?


Kate N. is now working as a Retail Solution Specialist at Magestore. She has 3+ years of experience in brand management, marketing, and customer's insights. Kate loves to travel to experience new cultures and discover what is happening with retail all around the world.

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