Magento Tutorials


Hi everyone. It’s me again, David. Today I’ll continue to accompany with you in the journey of discovering interesting things about Magento. In this tutorial, we will explore how Magento works with a category which helps customers easily find products that they need.

Are you ready to continue exploring a journey through the Adminhtml with us? Today we will further discuss Magento extensions – the issue that always grabs a lot of attraction and interest of many people. Let’s get started right now!

In Magento, block is a View element of MVC (model-view-controller), having the major task to make data displayed to the users. While creating a theme, you are offered many content blocks that are placed in the structural block. If you are not sure about it, please read my article today…

I am going to provide you with further understanding about how to use Magento themes in the easiest way. By giving some main concepts and approach to Structure of Template, this tutorial will certainly be helpful for those who have encountered difficulties when applying Magento Themes as well as wanted to learn more about Magento.