Magento Tutorials


It has been a quite long time since my last article of Magento Certificate was posted. Today I’m very happy to continue this series with a tutorial about “Custom Index”. This post will guide you how to add a custom indexer. Three main parts covered are also three main steps that you may follow.

Hi everybody. Today I’ll write about layered navigation – the very important part of each e-commerce website. The layered navigation helps your customers easily find products with the attribute(s) that they need. Just follow now if you are interested!

Hello everyone. After discovering how Magento works with categories, I continued to research on Catalog Rules and found them very interesting. Thus I cannot wait any longer to share the useful information with you.

Hi everyone. It’s me again, David. Today I’ll continue to accompany with you in the journey of discovering interesting things about Magento. In this tutorial, we will explore how Magento works with a category which helps customers easily find products that they need.