Dear Magestore customers,

We’ve been recently notified of a Payment Method issue with Magestore POS.

Error message when paying via Paypal on Magestore POS

Reason for this payment issue

We’re currently using Direct Credit Card method to integrate Paypal into Magestore POS. Recently, Paypal has stopped support for Direct Credit Card. If you process payment with Paypal Payment Method on the POS, it will show the above error message and cannot complete the transaction.

How to handle this issue

If you’re using Magestore POS and having the same problem, please kindly consider using Stripe or as an alternative for Credit Card checkout on POS.

Magestore offer many alternative Credit Card Payment Methods on POS

Paypal themselves suggested that merchants switch to other payment methods, such as Braintree Direct.

Paypal’s announcement on their Developer portal

Our Technical Support and Product Update for this incident

We’ll disable Paypal Payment Method from Magestore POS to avoid confusing that it’s an error of our POS system, and consider to integrate Braintree Direct on our following product update. For instant support and further assistance, please contact us via

We would like to express our sincerest apology for all the trouble related to this issue. Also, we would like to thank the customers who have taken their time to report the issue to us. We are and always will be willing to help you.

All the best,

Magestore Customer Success Team


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