Dear our partners, customers and readers,

We would like to draw your attention to an important announcement. Please take some time to read to prevent any unexpected thing towards your business. In the recent times, some of our customers (developers and shop owners) have reported to us that they have found a Magestore-like product that has being sold at Pluginsplanet/Magespacex.

However, today we want to affirm that Magestore has no contact or any partnership with the Pluginsplanet/MagespaceX, simultaneously we have not authorized any of our products via these companies.

We are going to investigate and clarify things out to avoid any business risks for our partners and customers.

We announce to you in the hope that all those who are interested in Magestore products should not make any purchase from the Pluginsplanet/MagespaceX website. Our Point of Sale (POS) is not a simple extension. It represents your offline business in the entire omnichannel strategy. So, you should consider the POS vendors carefully before making any decision.

At Magestore, we always commit that when you purchase our products, there is always accompanied with the best quality of support and we will always ensure your benefits.

We want to first apologize for any inconveniences that these issues caused you and also would like to thank some of our customers who reported with us and alerted us of this. Some of you have read our announcement, please help us share it with your friends.

If you have any questions about this, don’t be hesitate to submit a ticket for help. We appreciate your continued support of Magestore’s products.

Best Regards,
The Magestore Team


As Digital Marketing Executive at Magestore - Marcie makes sure retailers know about the latest omnichannel products & solutions Magestore has to offer.

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  1. Our company have bought last year services and products from Magespacex
    We have big problems and our business is almost ruined, because Magespacex is not answering, is not giving feedback, have blocked our Magespacex account and our company emails. They have got our money and have not provided agreed services and products. They are scammers! We have all bank information about transfers, all emails chats and print screens. At the moment our company and one of the biggest IT companies in Estonia, who helped us with IT and tried to communicate with Magespacex, contacted Lawyers, who are ready to proceed with that case. The lawyers are now calculating the losses from Magespacex activities/ or not activities.
    One of the main products we bought was Point of Sale POS system with lifetime updates. The problem is that since the beginning of using POS system from Magespacex we had regular problems and errors with it. The most common problem was, that we had to “check the license” from 1-3 times per month. We had to contact Magespacex and wait until they fix it. It could take some hours or some days, so for that period we were unable to complete orders, update our stock, give receipts and other general procedures. It was awful days, because our sellers/workers had to make all the manually, which took a lot of time. We got a lot of negative feedback from our clients. After Magespacex fixed the problem, we were available to continue our business as usually, and Magespacex always promised that everything is okey and no worries. All these troubles continued until September 2021, when one day they just blocked our POS. Since that and till today we do not have any solution from Magespacex. Our partner from IT side tried to contact them, but they do not answer. They have sent several times some files with errors, so our IT tried to install them for more than 10 hours (very expensive). They have blocked our company emails, blocked our Magespacex account, they do not cooperate with our IT partners. We have also informed UK The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority. Magespacex is scammers!

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