It is always the desire of human being to possess the future, to claim which will definitely happen. Especially in business and entrepreneurship, the most successful ones are who have a bright vision of the future. They will know What are the future business ideas to invest in and build it from the scratch. You all remember the story of how Alexander Graham Bell invented the first phone. People called him crazy right at the time this invention was created, and now it evolves to such an incredible and must have thing – the smartphone. That’s why no matter how crazy an idea could be, great people will exploit the core of it and bring it to real life. Now together with the Best ideas to start a small business in 21st century, we will discover the future business ideas to invest in. Besides, you can try Magestore Magento extensions or Magestore Magento 2 extension now

The development of urbanization

It is the reality at present, not the future. Today, more than half of the world’s population are living in urban areas, which are only 1/3 the area of rural areas. And 200000 people are migrating to urban areas every day. Which the growing up in population of urban area, which business ideas could be the best for them?

NYC Open Data

The first one is the Smart City idea, which is now formed in one example of NYC Open data. Now the citizens of a big city can easily access the city network and control the service easily. And it’s not fiction anymore, because New York are implementing the project of NYC Open Data. Now people can manage a smart and controllable city of their own. Another option is making all hardware and software compatible with some applications. Tvilight is a company which aims at providing a platform for smart city applications, with full control of lighting, traffic management and environmental monitoring.

Beside a smart city, people always want a healthy environment, that’s why if you want to invest in something useful, something for the whole mankind, why not invest in green city. Invest in tree growing for city, or low-carbon system to reduce air pollution. It’s one of the must have business in the future, because the fact of air pollution is far more severe day by day.

The lack of fresh water

The global water demand is increasing with such an unstoppable speed, maybe reach the 50% in 2050. The statistic also shows a terrible reality that about 3.5 billion people – meaning half of the world’s population are lacking of fresh water. So in this century, the industry involving the water will claim the most essential. The biggest corporation will switch more and more to the industry of fresh water production. There is now a technology named solar water purifier which will change the fate of the world.

Solar water purifier

Healthy device development

While the technology is developing so far, it will effectively help the process of cure the dangerous disease. For example, the new invention of Hololens will help doctors to X-ray surgery and find the reason causing disease more quickly. Since the non-communicable diseases are now responsible for causing 68% of all death in the world. This will be the most profitable business in 21st century.


Change of the nature

Natural disaster is the most dangerous symptom in the world, causing 2 million people die each year. And since the change of the nature has become more serious, bringing more demands in weather sensing technology or even weather changing technology. To stop natural disaster, the defense technology will also flourish as well.

Future is always something people want to take control of, and for wise businessmen, they will never miss the chance to seize the world’s future. So find out in What are the future business ideas to invest in? and take your smart move now.

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