Startup will never be an old story. In fact, people always want to follow other successful startups and then they build their own ones. However, they either don’t have ideas for the startup, or the budget. Whatever the reasons are, most of the first time businessmen encounter problems that may cost them their dreams. One of the most major problem is that they can’t promote their products online.

It is quite necessary to promote a newbie into the market, however how to make thing popular is really difficult. Most of the startup owners choose Youtube, as a video is much more viral than anything else. Promote a video on Youtube is a wise action, as Youtube is the second largest search engine as well as the 3rd most visited website worldwide. As statistic showed, 1 billion people visit Youtube monthly, and this is the huge source to get people know you. And some is much more successful than others, so you will really be hungry to learn from these top 10 all-time best startup videos.

1, Dollar Shave club

It is a very special video, which rocket Dollar Shave Club to a new place of selling razor blade and shave butter. Instead of trying to compete with other lead like Gillette, they choose to make a new way, start with a video to tell about the necessary of purchasing new steel blade instead of the old rusty one.

This video becomes viral because of its humor that it transfers to audiences. As shaving is the work every man needs to do in the morning, they forget that they need to replace it. And here is Dollar Shave Club to help you. For more detail, check this link from magestore and here 

2, Mint

Mint is a mobile app to manage your financial life. Their quote is “Mint is versatile enough to help anyone’s money make sense without much effort”, and they do exactly like what they said. A great app to help a normal person take a look up his financial life, see how he spent his money and organize bills in one place.

Their video is created by the talent crew of Picturelab, with a very simple and exciting storytelling video for audience to better remember. They make a simple story and drive audience with both words and pointers. You can learn from this video that animation and words make video more attractive.

3, Crazy Egg

A very promising heatmap tool named Crazy Egg has brought their viral video online. While heatmap tool is not a strange word, especially with bloggers and E-commerce store owner, let’s see how Crazy Egg can step in the high competitive field. Well, the startup owner Hiten Shah hire the company Demo Duck to build the promotion video.

A funny animation video comes with the first line highlighting the most trouble problem of all bloggers. Why your website visitors aren’t converting? They introduce their product with an animation just like Mint.

4, PadMapper

Next is a brilliant startup that helps people find apartment easily. Well, with a large country and high population like United State, it is really difficult for people to find accommodation. PadMapper is created for this sole purpose, help the process to buy apartment much easier. They also introduce many interesting function for customers, for example you can add more information to choose the apartment, see the distance to city center or the zones have high crime rate.

A brilliant idea comes with a brilliant video. One more time, we have a self-drawing video with attractive animation and humor instinct.

5, Airbnb

Airbnb is a website for people to list, find as well as rent lodging in over 34000 cities of 190 countries.

With a large dictionary of 1900000 listing, Airbnb choose to create a professional video, with full introduction about their power. They also choose the most beautiful lodging with natural scenes to increase the desire to rent one.

6, Litmus Email preview

Now time to come back to a small startup of email marketing – a field with many competitors. That’s why when Litmus promote their video, they choose ninja to be the main subject. Of course, no one could deny their love for a ninja.

7, Groupon

A global E-commerce marketplace like Groupon create an animated video introducing their company and how it works. While indeed, this video is much more viral than a real person talking.

8, Spotify

The best app of music tell that this will change how you enjoy music. They create an attractive video with music and animation. After this video, they launch another video with more real image adding with real statistic.


A company of computer repairing make their video like a 8-bit games and no one who had enjoyed these games in the past can resist its temptation.

This video makes even who didn’t play know that this company is for computer. What a brilliant idea.

10, Zencash

Using sketched style animation, the promotion video of Zencash make this promotion video one must watched by others.

These top 10 all-time best startup videos are the best example for you if you want to promote via viral marketing. Magestore also promotes their products on Youtube, which concentrates on the funny animation and a popular situation that every merchant encountered. This video is for Magento Inventory Management extension.

Consider the power of a viral video to help spread your startup’s idea to the world.

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