The field of Affiliate program is always strange to one who just get one leg in the door, they want to know more about Affiliate marketing. Understand the most 4 general things and you may be able to earn $100 per day using Affiliate marketing.  But first, you should decide the Affiliate program for your website or blog. Together with us, let’s have a tour of 9 popular Affiliate program for your blogs and websites.

1, Magento Affiliate – the best Affiliate program extension for E-commerce website

Magento is the most common platform for E-commerce website, and it is undoubted that Magento users should need an affiliate program to increase sales more significantly. The solution is simple but great, an extension named Magento Affiliate Plus, with prominent features to help the Magento merchants plan and build their own affiliate program. For specific details of the features, you can read A boom to Magento Affiliate program.

Magento Affiliate program

As affiliate’s main purpose is getting commission by driving sales to E-commerce website, there’s no way they could ignore the Magento Affiliate extension. Magento users – who typically be online store merchants, it would be wise to learn How to set up an Affiliate Program for Magento.

2, LinkShare

LinkShare is always reported as the largest affiliate network, concluding of over 10 million affiliate partnerships. With more than 2500 affiliate programs, it is quite flexible for you to manage your own affiliate program. You can choose to use every aspect of your own affiliate program or just manage it using selective service and support options.


LinkShare provide access to affiliate marketing opportunities from a lot of companies, including of The dashboard is really easy to read for the affiliates to access to their earning data.

LinkShare homepage is:

3, Jotform

Jotform is an online form builder that allows users to create dynamic forms and apps. The company offers a one-year 30% commission for each subscriber referred, a considerable amount as it has over 20 million users worldwide. The Jotform Affiliate Program is easy to get started with and keep track of since the company equips affiliates with a handy affiliate dashboard, brand assets, and a training kit.

jotform affiliate

4, Commission Junction

A typical affiliate marketing network in North America, together with LinkShare, is the second largest affiliate program. Commission Junction offers affiliate, media as well as tracking services and provide either self-management or company-management options for affiliate relationship.

Commission Junction

It offers variety of affiliate programs, but you must apply separately to each one. Payout rates change differently, up to 50 percent, and some commissions are based on leads or clicks versus sales.

Follow the link to access Commission Junction

5, ShareASale

ShareASale supplies access to more than 3,300 separate merchant affiliate programs in many diversity of markets, including food, apparel, and home and garden.


The network has smaller brands than most of its competitors such as Commission Junction or LinkShare, but many affiliate partners offer high payouts. For example, the stationary company Tinyprints offers 10% commission on sales and $5 per lead; while PerkStreet Financial Commissions offers up to $50 a sale.

Both merchants and affiliate can join ShareASale at

6, Amazon Associates

Amazon sells millions of products (books, music, electronics, toys, and more) that fit into almost any niche, so its affiliate marketing program is a typical choice for almost anyone. Comparatively speaking, its payouts are generous as they vary based on product type and sales volume. Commission rates start at 4% and can reach up to 15% for specific product lines.

Amazon associates

Try this affiliate program here

7, Google Affiliate Network

As state in Google, Google Affiliate Network helps advertisers increase online conversions on a performance basis and enables publishers to monetize traffic with affiliate ads. Basically, Google Affiliate Network is a pay-per-action network which pays commissions to the affiliates for driving conversions, either sales or leads. The network requires a Google AdSense account for posting ads to the affiliate’s website or blog and facilitating affiliate payments.

Google Adsense


PeerFly is a CPA network. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Basically, PeerFly handles the affiliates for several online merchants. They are an affiliate network. It’s quite similar to Commission Junction, ShareASale or Linkshare? The offers in CPA style affiliate programs are different as well. Many times they pay per lead instead of pay per sale.


9, MaxBounty

Quite similar to PeerFly, MaxBounty is among the best CPA networks to earn money and it is highly recommended by most internet marketers. This is because the network accepts all merchants interested in pushing their products or services to the network as well as those affiliate marketers interested in different opportunity to earn an extra income.


The network offers different commission types such as CPA, CPS and CPL. It has a minimum payout of $100 and a 5% referral commission for 12 months. There are many benefits for signing up with MaxBounty, which make it one of the top ten CPA networks online.

Choose your best affiliate program that fit your cause most. These top 8 popular affiliate programs will help you to manage your affiliate easily. However, everything will not go as smooth as you predict, and the worst case is that you can lose up to $5000 per month. That’s why you must learn to manage your affiliate program well. Once you manage the affiliate program smoothly, the problem will automatically solved.

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