Magento certificate


We have finished Magento Basics with 9 articles which guide you about fundamentals, configuration XML, and multi-language… in Magento. Today, I will start the next step of Magento Certificate Preparation. You will be introduced the first topic – Application initialization consisting of two parts:

In the e-commerce, it is avoidable that websites are accessed by a large number of people from different countries at the same time. So it is very necessary to develop multi-language for a website. And Magento supports you conduct this function on your web-store.

When we want to change the action of a function core in Magento, we can use two ways including: override core class and event-driven architecture. However, Override core has a weakness that each class can only override once. Regarding the event, we can run it in different modules.

There are some functions of Magento core which are written in Block, Model or Helper. When we use these functions due to our purposes we see that they are not suitable and as same as we wish. Therefore, we can utilize Override class feature of Magento to rewrite those functions according to our uses.