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Happy New Year and welcome back to our Magento blog! I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday. And now let’s come back to our Topic 9 with the part of Refund. A refund usually refers to the reimbursement of funds to a customer for a product or service provided. Magento framework will create a Credit Memo for the returned orders.

Hi everyone! We have gone through 7 topics of Magento Certificate Preparation Material. We tried to provide you with useful knowledge and information as much as possible. Today, I am very delighted to start the next stage of this series. You will be introduced the eighth topic –Checkout.

It has been a quite long time since my last article of Magento Certificate was posted. Today I’m very happy to continue this series with a tutorial about “Custom Index”. This post will guide you how to add a custom indexer. Three main parts covered are also three main steps that you may follow.

I am going to provide you with further understanding about how to use Magento themes in the easiest way. By giving some main concepts and approach to Structure of Template, this tutorial will certainly be helpful for those who have encountered difficulties when applying Magento Themes as well as wanted to learn more about Magento.