Magento certificate


When there is a request in browser (URL), first Magento uses Request routing to analyze URL and finds out the suitable code to match that request. And then, it defines Controller or Action to return Response. So, Request routing helps you coordinate activities in Magento. You can learn more with my article below.

URL rewrite is something that is not easy to understand. As a developer, you may clearly know the structure, process and others of URL Rewrite? I have made several attempts to get this job done, and today; I will share you materials of URL rewrite to fully exploit it in Magento for the best Search Engine exposure.

The Front Controller has an array of “routers” that it uses to decide which module the URL should trigger so Front Controller plays a very crucial role in Magento. And do you know how to locate Front Controller class, or events that Front Controller fires and Front Controller’s responsibilities? If you are interested in these issues, please follow my article.