Dear Magestore customers,

We’ve been recently notified of a vulnerability issue with two of our old extensions, Store Locator and Store Pickup.

If you are using these extensions on your website, please consider one of the following options:

1. If you don’t want to use the extensions any more:

You can disable the extensions using the commands below:

php magento/bin module:disable Magestore_Storelocator
php magento/bin module:disable Magestore_Storepickup

2. If you want to continue using these extensions:

Please apply the patches below into your Magento Installation as soon as possible:

You can find these patches when you login to your account, under “Downloadable Package.”

If you do not know how to apply a patch to your Magento installation, please follow this guide.

pIf you purchase these extensions from Magento Marketplace or have any other questions, please contact us at to get the latest patch.

Please note that customers using Magento 1 are not affected by this issue.

We would like to thank the customers who have taken their time to report the issue to us.


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