Hello Magento Blog readers. Want to buy an extension from Magestore but all our extensions are nowhere to be found? No need to be confused! Keep calm and read our announcement about to be updated with our latest revolution on Omnichannel solution. More surprising, the biggest sale ever with 50% discount on selected extensions is awaiting you.

Magestore’s revolution: Transform to become a leading Omnichannel Solution provider

Magestore’ new adventure on Omnichannel solution

Established in 2009, Magestore has a mission to facilitate Magento retailers in managing their businesses. From the very first day, we are constantly innovating, updating and improving our extensions and services, which helps us earn trust from more than 70,000 global customers. After 8 years working on Magento market, we deeply understand all common challenges that ecommerce companies face when using multi-channel sales. That makes us more eager to come up with new solutions to help retailers operate their business more smoothly.

In recent years, Omnichannel has risen as a new star in the retail industry. This retail strategy provides customers with a seamless shopping experience from online to offline while at the same time helping retailers operate all internal process in a synchronized system. Obviously, Omnichannel has become an ultimate solution for all the challenges and barriers of multiple-channel sales, a key factor to success in the retail world today. And Magestore, a leading Magento extensions provider cannot stay outside the race.

We have innovated to accompany by retailers’ transformed journey. Starting this new adventure, we want to be the Leading Native Omnichannel Solution Provider for Magento retailers who guides them through their Omni-channel journey. And now, it’s time to work on our dream.


magestore's Revolution

Magestore’s journey to become a leading native Omnichannel solution provider for Magento retailer

On 2nd October 2017, Magestore has officially launched a brand new website, which marked the beginning of our journey to become a leading Omnichannel solution provider.

By starting this journey, we decided to transfer to serve as a solution provider and stop selling our products as single extensions. Saying goodbye to our top extensions is not so easy, but learning and experiencing the strength of FOCUS makes us believe that we can gain greater achievement by staying focused on one target. More important, in a new status of a solution provider, Magestore will involve ourselves more deeply in each customer story. We’ll bring them a complete Omnichannel solution with a detailed consultation process, an A-Z implementation, and a tailored customer care. Our first priority is the customer success and accompanying them in their Omnichannel journey is always our pride.

Talking about our Omnichannel Solution, it’s a native Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers. The solution with integrated POS, Inventory Management, and Loyalty System is just the start of the story we expect to make. To highlight the main core of our solution, it’s a complete solution which helps control inventory visibility & allocation in a single system, boost sales online and in-store through omnichannel marketing and achieve ambitious growth by quickly responding to B2B demands. Read the Omnichannel Solution features on our website for more detailed information and don’t hesitate to contact us to start your Omnichannel journey today.

Explore Magestore's revolution

What will happen with our current customers?

If you are one of our beloved customers and have already bought any Magestore’s extension, there’s no need to worry since we’ll still support you. You will still get free support for the first year and can request for refund within 30 days after purchase. From the second year, there some changes in our policy, depending on which extension you purchase. Please read about Magestore’s Policy to make sure that you understand all our Terms and Conditions. Keep in mind that we always prioritize our customers’ benefit and a new transformation never means that we will abandon our current customers.

50% Discount on Selected extensions

From 2nd October – 30th November, 2017, we offer a 50% discount on some selected extensions. This is a chance for us to express our appreciation for our beloved customers who support Magestore all those time. The discount will be applied on Affiliate Plus, PDF Invoice, One Step Checkout, Mega Menu, Store Locator and 03 extensions: Reward Points, Gift Card, Store Credit (both Magento 1 and Magento 2) if you purchase them as a single extension. Go to Magento 1 extensions or Magento 2 extensions now and purchase your favorite extension at half price. However, there are some changes in our product policy, so please refer to 4.2 & 5.2 session at Magestore’s Policy page to read new policy.

50% OFF for Magento 1 | 50% OFF for Magento 2

Say goodbye to some extensions

Please note that some extensions have already been evolved in Omnichannel package and are no-longer sold as a single extension. These extensions include WebPOS, Retailer POS, Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Barcode Management, Order Fulfillment, Dropship, Store Pickup (both M1 & M2). Please read this Magestore’s Policy page carefully to be updated with all changes in our policy.


Why Magestore? We believe in building a meaningful & long-term relationship with you.

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