Yay, it’s the last moments of 2014. We feel so excited to say hi to a new year coming 🙂

You must have kept on trying during the whole year and now is the time to stop for a while and take a look back to what you gained. With Magestore, 2014 can’t be greater with so many breakthroughs.


Magestore has officially became Magento’s Gold Technology Partner since August 2014. This is not only a highlighted event but also a huge reward reflecting our big effort in Magento Community.


A Brand New Marketing Extension Was Released

Regarding to the mission of innovated marketing function of extension, we released a totally new product – Visitor Segmentation. First time in the marketing, Visitor Segmentation helps store owners capture new ideas to approach their targeted customers.

Magestore Visitor Segmentation on Magento Connect
Magestore Visitor Segmentation is featured on Magento Connect

Representative office at Arizona, US

The representative office at Arizona, US has brought our objective of “reaching the world” becomes one step closer. We believe this is our huge step to understand and support our customer better.

New Homepage for Better User Experience

Do you remember our Magon parachuting on our homepage?

Many customers were interested in him. What about you? (Don’t forget to scroll down when visiting us here)

Magestore New Homepage

The image of friendly Magento, along with other interesting content in our new homepage has brought our visitors and prospects fresh experience and friendly interaction.

And  more…

25/34 extensions have been updated with advanced features. It strongly proves that we are a leading Magento Marketing Extension Provider in the whole world.


Magento 2 is believed to satisfy our customers by eliminate almost the former’s weaknesses. To be an expert in Magento Community, we are trying to stay ahead by updating everyday about Magento 2.0 news & tutorials. Even more, we are a partner with ubertheme.com for extensions and themes totally compatible with the latest Magento 2.

How to install Magento 2.0 (update)

How to create a simple module in Magento 2.0

See more tutorials here


To have deeper understanding about new ecommerce trends, platform’s technical facilities, we attended Magento international conferences.

We’ve got so many contacts and had opportunities to learn from international ecommerce experts, established new business connections and gained more useful knowledge, thus, helping us build strong business network and provide powerful products.

Magestore at Magento Events


Until December 2014, Magestore has established business relations with over 40.000 customers from 186 countries. We have also succeeded in building a partner base of 161 partners from 38 countries, including 120 official, 10 diamond, 11 platinum and 25 gold.

It’s been great pleasure to have a lot of positive feedback for great products and customer services. These compliments give us more strength and energy to satify our customers.

Magestore Products Review

It is Magestore’ year – 2014, thank you for being a part of it. And it’s your turn, don’t be shy to share with us your memorable moments you had.

Happy New Year, buddies! See you again in 2015 😀

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Why Magestore? We believe in building a meaningful & long-term relationship with you.

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  1. Congrats, Magestore! You all have done a great job. Keep this up for the next year 🙂

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