Most e-commerce website owners often face one hassle: bugs or more specifically, compatibility. We are not talking about the ordinary kinds of bug that swarm into your home and reproduce. It is the software bugs that damage ecommerce websites and cause the owner a loss in revenue. According National Institute of Standards and Technology, an estimated $59 billion is lost due to computer software bugs. In fact, even some Magento One Step Checkout Extensions have encountered serous issues that can cause your website to function incorrectly, slow down or even crash.

magento one step checkout

One Step Checkout Extension not compatible with mobile

If you look out the street nowadays, you will see smartphones and tablets at every corner. People can hold on to their smartphones and do literally everything with it. From order a table for two at a favourite restaurant to organize an online meeting with your board of directors, you can just take out your phone and everything is done. As a result, a lot of e-commerce websites is shifting their focus to m-commerce to have more access to customers. Most current websites have a responsive website design, which means that everything from the website, images, articles, structures will appear the same in mobile. Unfortunately, extensions for the website may not. For examples, the One Step Checkout Extension provided by One Step Checkout is not responsive and does not display properly in mobile, which leads to an automatic rejection by customers.

One Step Checkout Ajax issue

One of the most important features that an One Step Checkout Extension should provide is Ajax compatibility. Ajax supports real-time update without reloading the entire page. This may help you verify information you filling in forms and also retain them should you do something wrong so that you dont have to go through the trouble of retype. However, sometimes Ajax may come with a problem. The GoMage’s LightCheckout has been reported to have issues related to Ajax popup.

magento one step checkout

One Step Checkout Extension conflict with other extensions

How often do extensions conflict? The answer is a lot more than you think. Conflict in Magento often happens due to different extensions asking to replace the same core file. There is usually no way around these bugs except rewriting the program. For One Page Checkout by IWDAgency, the optimization to avoid conflicts will take about 5 hours of support, which is priced at $150 an hour.

Recommendation for avoiding bugs and compatibility
To reduce the possibility of having bugs in your One Step Checkout Extension, Magestore’s One Step Checkout is recommended. The One Step Checkout Extension by Magestore has a responsive design. Furthermore, Magestore offers free lifetime support & bug fix and a full refund in 30 days.


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