Are you a developer who wants to pass Magento Certification Exam? Or you are only the newbie who has special interest in Magento platform. Whoever you are, I’m sure that you will like this self-study guide, a good preparation step before you can master Magento exam.

What can you learn from this series?

The Magento Tutorial series for passing Magento Certification is written based on the 10 topics announced in the Study Guide of Magento. It presents full knowledge of each topic as well as provides useful tips for developers to work with Magento. At the end of some topics, you can find questions that are designed to help revise what you have learned.

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The list of topics in this series

Topic 1

Fundamentals (part 1)

Magento module-based architecture (part 2)

Magento Directory structure (part 3)

Functional and factory class groups (part 4)

Class overrides in Magento (part 5)

Event observer (part 6)

Methods to resolve the module onflicts in Magento (part 7)

Internationalization (part 8)

Topic 2

Application initialization (part 1)

Front Controller (part 2)

URL Rewrite (part 3)

Request routing (part 4)

Module initialization (part 5)

Design and layout initialization (part 6)

Structure of block template (part 7)

Flushing data – outputs (part 8)

Topic 3

Template and structure – magento themes (part 1)

Template Structure fallbacks (part 2)

Block structure (part 3)

Blocks (part 4)

Blocks (part 5)

Layout XML Schema (part 6)

Layout and CMS (part 7)

Pass variables from layout to block (part 8)

Topic 4

Models, Resource Models, and collections (part 1)

Magento Object Relational Mapping (part 2)

Install/Upgrade scripts (part 3)

Install/Upgrade scripts (part 4)

Topic 5

EAV Models Concept (part 1)

Database tables for EAV entities (part 2)

Load and save EAV entities (part 3)

Magento EAV Attribute Management (part 4)

Topic 6

Common structure/Architecture (part 1)

Form and grid widgets (part 2)

System Configuration XML (part 3)

Access Control Lists permissions (part 4)

Magento Extensions (part 5)

Topic 7

Product Types (part 1)

Product Types (part 2)

Price Generation (part 3)

Category Structure (part 4)

Catalog Rule (part 5)

Flat Catalog product (part 6)

Layered Navigation (part 7)

Custom Index (part 8)

Product Option (part 9)

Topic 8

Quote (part 1)

Custom models (part 2)

Show custom totals (part 3)

Shopping Cart Rules (part 4)

Shipping methods (part 5)

Payment methods (part 6)

Topic 9

Create order in admin (part 1)

Invoice (part 2)

Shipment (part 3)

Refund (part 4)

partial operations (part 5)

Cancel Operations (part 6)

Customer Management (part 7)

Topic 10

Widgets (part 1)

API (part 2)

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