As an industry partner of Magento, we want to share some Magento resources that may be helpful for you.
Please take advantage of the following resources for you and your implementation team to leverage as you get up-to-speed with Magento.

For training your Web Marketing/Merchandising staff to manage your store:

  • The Community Edition (CE) User Guide (available for sale online)
  • The Enterprise Edition (EE) User Guide (available on the customer support portal)
  • Summer webinars are available on a variety of store management topics
  • The knowledge base, specifically the Store Management section
  • 3rd party websites:
    • Site Ground is a hosting firm with a nice set of tutorials
    • Screencast World (updated less frequently).

For training your Frontend Developers to implement their themes:

  • Magento’s Designers Guide, Current version is out of date, but still accurate in terms of big picture and key concepts. New version is expected to be available in first quarter of 2011.
  • Knowledge base, specifically the Theming and Design section
  • Summer webinar on Intro to Theming in Magento
  • Wiki article
  • Other Wiki articles, specifically the Themes and Template Customization section
  • 3rd party websites:
    • NetTuts ran a nice “Magento for Designers” series of articles

For training your Backend Developers to implement your store:

  • Start with Alan Storm’s KB articles in our “Magento for Developers” series.
  • Knowledge base, specifically the “Development” section.
  • Summer webinar on Developing for Magento.
  • White Paper: Maximizing Performance and Scalability with Magento Enterprise Edition
  • Wiki article – create payment method
  • Wiki article – create shipping method
  • Wiki article – use event-observer method
  • Other Wiki articles, specifically the “Modules and Development” section
  • Blogs – a consolidation of blog articles about Magento
  • Magento core API.
  • 3rd party websites
    • Inchoo
    • Alan Storm
    • magebase
    • Stackoverflow (
  • Book for beginning developers:
    • The Definitive Guide to Magento by Adam McCombs and Robert Banh (Packt publishing)
    • php|architect’s Guide to eCommerce Programming with Magento by Mark Kimsal. This material is dated now, but it was still a good introduction.

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