Magestore is happy to announce our first exclusive POS for retailers in Australia! During our years working with Australian clients, we have come to see what makes a Point-of-sale software that works so we decided to take a deep dive and bring out the most suitable solution. And now it’s ready for your business.

Whether you own one single brick-and-mortar store or multiple physical locations, let’s take a look at what our POS can do for you:

  • Streamlined checkout process: Each step in the checkout flow has been enhanced to perform at high speed.
    • Scanning barcode: Less than 1 second (tested with 100,000 SKUs)
    • Searching customers: Less than 1 second (tested with 100,000 clients in database)

And to save you from long queues and frustrated clients, our POS allows cashiers to perform multiple checkouts at once, hold orders, add promotion and process payment with coupons/reward points fast and at ease.

  • Multiple payment options: Magestore POS has been integrated with Tyro EFTPOS, ensuring fast and secure payment transactions for you and your customers. Besides, you can also make the best out of your customers’ in-store experience by offering multiple online payment methods that are already available in our POS.

Magestore Tyro integration

  • Easy-to-check stock visibility: Your staff can get access to stock information by simply hovering over each product image and the quantity of the item in each warehouse will show up.
  • Automatic synchronization between online and offline mode: You can set the time for synchronization or our system will run the synchronization automatically. This is to ensure your data is real-time and the system can work perfectly whether it has internet access or not.
  • Export unsynchronized orders: In some situations when the synchronization is interrupted, for example, the cashier has been creating orders offline and needs to log out before the POS system gets back online. They can export all these unsynchronized orders to a PDF file to ensure data accuracy.
  • PWA technology: Magestore POS can work on your desktop, iPad and Android tablets. More than that, with PWA technology, it can act as an app on your mobile devices. It’s WebPOS and POS app combined in just one solution!

Besides these highlighted features, we also bring some extra benefits for Australian retailers. These are the benefits you are not likely to find anywhere else.

  • Free lifetime updates: We are aware that many POS solutions in Australia do not or no longer provide updates/support for Magento 2 and its higher versions. For Magestore, you can always feel assured to get free lifetime updates and support from us for these Magento versions.
  • High customizability: We know that no businesses are alike and you may need to customize the POS to fit your business. Good news is Magestore POS will certainly allow you to do that. You can have us do customization or get access to our development documents to customize it yourself.
  • Support: If you need our assistance regarding product issues, you can submit a ticket and our support team will respond promptly. Or if you require local support, our Australian partners can contact you to get things resolved.

Ready for a POS system that drives margins and leverages your customers’ in-store experience?


Kate N. is now working as a Retail Solution Specialist at Magestore. She has 3+ years of experience in brand management, marketing, and customer's insights. Kate loves to travel to experience new cultures and discover what is happening with retail all around the world.

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