Magento now has become one of the most popular names in the e-commerce content management system. We all know that Magento is specified outstanding in the online retail field, thanks to its robust features plus ability to manage thousand product without damaging the system. So it would be great if we can combine its potential in product management with a nice-looking skin that attracts customer for the very first time. In this article, we carefully research and gathered the best Magento 2 Themes that can meet even your most strict requirements. Let’s dig deeper!

Things to consider when choosing Magento 2 themes

Choose the right style for your website

Magento 2’s UX & UI are designed for Store Owner and Manager, make they easily use the platform without coding. So if you’re probably a Store owner, you’ll don’t want to edit anything in the format of that theme cause by doing that, you’ll have to learn more about code. So it’s better if you can choose the right format for the first time. The food website is actually different than the fashion website, and they’re both different than a medical store.

The flexibility

Considering these criteria allows you to choose the one that can transform easily as you want. If you choose to download free themes, some of theme do not offer much the flexibility in their product. But almost premium ones do. This is the most advantage.


This is the must-have feature that every Magento 2 themes need. In the age of mobile and tablet, choosing an un-mobile-friendly makes your website lose a huge part of visitor each month.

Review of Best Magento 2 Themes

1. Porto

Porto - Best Magento 2 Themes

The Porto theme was perfectly fit for many people’s needs. It made an impression on me and at the moment I still think it’s a great product. I will surely suggest you or any of my friend use this theme by its quality on performing website content plus active support service when a customer wants to be helped fastly regarding a question about installation or bug fixing. I think this likely 1 of top Magento 2 themes. Porto is the fourth theme I’ve purchased for my projects and I personally really like it. And at the moment Porto’s development team is still enhancing their product piece by piece – not like the other theme that they stopped supporting me. It gave me the idea of what is a quality Magento theme: boxed with powerful features, highly flexible and easily customizable. I can edit any element I want with just 1 or 2 steps to access the admin panel. So finally, I think this is a theme worth to buy and download.

2. Market


The market theme is developed by our well-known partner in Magento theme filed: Aheadworks. It’s both compatible with Magento 1 and Magento 2 and totally responsive to any device. If you’ve already know Aheadwork before, you might know that how long they’re in this field, so surely they know exactly what an online store needs and how it should look like. This theme is totally fit with e-commerce purpose and easy to customize, especially for the multi-store model with many types of products which are managed in many categories like fashion brands, accessories or supermarket

This theme also contains many built-in extensions produced by Aheadworks. For instance SM Camera Slider, Vertical Mega Menu or SM Tab Listing. In my opinion, just basic version of this theme is enough to make the endless possibility of editing your website. You just need to sit back, write your content and enjoy the whole beautiful website!

3. F2


F2 is a specially designed fashion and clothing Magento theme. This theme contains so much nice upgraded features and they’re all stated clearly in order that users can easily read and use them. F2 has an e-commercial design which urges visitors (customers) to buy and buy more product. It will help you build a fashion e-commerce store in an eyeblink and It follows all the basic rule of a modern website. It also contains unique features like Image Slider, Category badge ỏ Unique Catalog Pag.

4. VES 8 PM Friday

VES 8 PM Friday

This premium theme is a responsive Magento 2 theme (of course) and it has so many enhanced plugins, plus the process of installation is very easy. It can fit perfectly with so many types of the store on the internet, especially in clothing and luxury store. Ves 8 PM is easy to customize without any effort, and entirely compatible with all devices from Android smartphone to Macbook .etc, and can run smoothly on all web browsers. With built-in 6 fancy homepages, powerful plugins such as page builder, Mega menu, it now becomes the most flexible theme in the market of Magento 2 theme. And as you ( plus every single store owner) expected, This theme is highly optimized for Search Engine, help us focus better on other tasks

5. Athlete


Athlete is a Magento to them that will not take you much time to install and create a nice-looking website. You can save a ton amount of time when using Athlete. As you can imagine by its name, it fits with a store that sells the sport, athletic products. However, I can be used for the another-oriented shop too. I also come with other pre-made clothing layouts for fashion and retail store

Besides the ability of totally customizing the store in the way we want. This theme also is very versatile and offer One Step Checkout feature which is must-have for every e-commerce website to reduce the rate of cart abandon plus give customers a better experience.

Still feel less attractive? This theme has so many internal free & premium plugin and they give you at the cost of $0. So, if you’re a big fan of sports, just relax and produce unique content, let Athlete do the rest!

6. Magetique – Furniture

Magetique – Furniture

Personally, I bought and used Magetique in one of my websites, and the experience is quite good. Firstly, this Magento 2 themes is highly optimized for admin experience, And while I can customize such anything as the color of a specific element, the font-family of any text area flexible, my website still maintain the great loading speed it has before. This theme is both nice-looking and practical, makes me easier in modifying my website in the way that I want. And as you would expect, it is totally responsive to every type of device with every screen resolution. You can easily install any extension or external plugin without encountering any trouble. And you don’t need to know about coding or HTML, CSS to use it, cause the process is so visual. For more information about this theme, please read the user guide file on the product page. I think It won’t let you down

7. Everything


As its name, Everything is..everything. You can make any website you and although it’s beautiful or …ridiculous. This well-known Magento theme is not only full of essential features and customization options, it also offers a huge library of theme up to 50. You can create a baby shop or mechanical store or..both in the same style, as long as you want. This theme even cover holiday topics such as New year Eve, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, .etc

The process is super easy, pick the best fit style for your business and install in an eyeblink. Then place more additional personal touch, stack it with your products and Ready, Set, Go


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