Hello Magestore‘s friends and companions. As far as you may know, Magestore has transformed from a Magento Extensions Provider into a Native Omnichannel Solution Provider for Magento retailers since October 2017. We are now striving to make our retail management solution more comprehensive and well-suited for Magento merchants. To prove our promise, we are working out on several potential business strategies for the upcoming year. One of those is our new strategic partnership with Aheadworks, one of the magnetic leading Magento extensions providers since December 2017.

As our beloved customers, you may be curious about how our partnership with Aheadworks will benefit your business. So let ‘s take a look at this post to see the details of the close-knit cooperation.

Aheadworks – A new direction initiates a huge prospect

It has been 2 months since we decided to embark on a transformation into Native Omnichannel Solution provider for Magento retailers. We no longer develop some renowned extensions such as Affiliate, One Step Checkout, Mega Menu and so on. Instead, we are now staying focused on the Omnichannel Solution which brings a complete retail management system for Magento online-to-offline business. The new package which main core is Web POS, Inventory Management, & ERP system will help our beloved retailers tackle the challenges when operating the in-store sales process and controlling inventory flow across warehouses.


This transformation has been good news for many stores who are evolving into omnichannel retailers but still a regret to some. We know that there are many merchants who are still interested in our old extensions and features such as Affiliate, One Step Checkout, Mega Menu, Social Login, Store Locator, etc. So to bridge this gap, we have seized the initiative of developing a partnership with a Magento extension provider, Aheadworks

Aheadworks is a dynamic market leading provider of Magento extensions, and Magento templates. At present, Aheadworks is highly competitive to develop an inclusive portfolio of modules that helps eCommerce businesses boost sales and improve user experiences. Aheadworks possess numerous powerful extensions which used to be familiar with Magestore’s companions such as One Step Checkout, Social Login, Store Locator, Personal Pickup, etc,…

Therefore, the close-knit handshake between Magestore and Aheadworks will mark an important milestone in the development of both sides. In particular, this cooperation will by far bring the more omnipotent retail management solution to our beloved customers, and even Aheadworks’ companions.

Reap enormous boons from Magestore & Aheadworks

Obviously, as the companions of either Magestore or Aheadworks, you will gain the worthwhile benefits specified as follows:

o   For those who are looking for Magestore old extensions’ alternatives, you can go to our suspended product pages and check links to Aheadworks similar products via a trusted landing page called Mageplug.net. 

o   Aheadworks’ visitors are introduced to an all-in-one solution for Online to Offline business from Magestore and of course, they will receive the special offer when approaching Magestore for consultation.

A further cooperation with Aheadworks delivers a more integrated omnichannel experience

In the near future, we are drawing up a deep integration plan to connect Magestore ‘s Omnichannel Solution with some related solutions from Aheadworks such as Reward Points, Gift Card, Store Credit, Personal Pickup and so on.  This closer cooperation will enable Magento retailers to not only have a wide range of choices but also easily and quickly adopt integrated solutions from both providers.

Let’s ready for setting out on an epic omnichannel journey with Magestore and Aheadworks.

Contact us if you are looking for a long-term solution to grow your business smoothly and swiftly.

A strategic partnership opens door to more special offers for Magento retailers than ever!

Interview Partner: Aheadworks Becomes Our New Sales Partner

Our regular readers know that Magestore traditionally partners with a lot of companies from the Magento domain and we’d like to present you one more participant of our partnership program, Aheadworks.

Aheadworks, a well-known provider of Magento extensions, started its history in 2001 and focused on Magento extensions in 2009 with the very advent of Magento. Through its quite long history, the company remains among the flagship extension producers and we may say that their products definitely worth your close attention.

Currently, Aheadworks offers both Magento 1 and Magento 2 modules, tailored for Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce editions. The product line offered is wide enough and basically covers the following main segments: sales motivation, user experience, content management, administration, customer care and support, and other ones.

And today we have a great opportunity to ask Shatkov Dmitry, Chief Content Officer of Aheadworks, about the main and, possibly, the best company’s extensions in detail.

Hello, Dmitry. We’re glad to welcome Aheadworks as our partner and appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your company in this light.

Thank you very much for this great chance to talk to you. Hope that I’ll be able to bring a bit more clear vision of our partnership and Aheadworks, as the company that is entitled to present the Omnichannel solution by Magestore.

Ok then. What is your opinion about the product and its main features?

Omnichannel is a comprehensive solution with multiple functions and great features, which covers all the aspects of the online-and-offline sales. We think that is going to be really useful for numerous omnichannel retailers. Of course, it differs significantly from our products but looks good among them in our store.

If you have mentioned them, please tell us a bit more about the extensions that are included in your products portfolio and neighboring our solution in your catalog.

Well, the total number of our extension is big, more the 120 actually. Of course, I can not tell about all of them here, so, I think, I can only mention my favorite ones.

Blog for Magento 1 is, by and large, the most popular extension for content management on Magento. It has all the required functionality and is free, which also very important. I’m not ready to provide the exact number of the extension downloads and the number of stores that use it today, but it’s really big. The Magento 2 Blog extension has become even better and includes a lot of new original features, e.g. the migration options, mass actions, posts on product pages, related products on post pages, etc.

One Step Checkout is one more traditionally popular extension by Aheadworks, but this year its completely revised version for Magento 2 came out and we can say that it started quite well. Alongside the enhanced functionality, the module takes advantage of the great interface and usability, additional integration options, and many other functions that make the checkout process extremely fast and convenient for customers. The latest version of Magento 2 One Step Checkout has been just recently released and we have many more plans for its further enhancements.

Layered Navigation. All our advanced technologies are used and implemented in this module, the same as in the previous two products. The unique feature of this module is that it allows the administrator to choose the filter mode provided for users. It can either reload page upon each filter applied or after all the filters are chosen and checked. The appropriate variant may depend on catalog specifics and customer preferences. As for the rest, Magento 2 Layered Navigation fully meets all the basic Magento requirements and offers all the functions to be competitive in its own niche.

Of course, the mentioned above extensions provide only particular Magento enhancements, still, we suppose that our customers will appreciate the opportunity to harness the power of the comprehensive Omnichannel solution as well.

Sounds good. Thank you, Dmitry, for your thoughts and the provided information. We, from our side, hope that the cooperation with Aheadworks will be long and mutually beneficial for both the companies.


Kate N. is now working as a Retail Solution Specialist at Magestore. She has 3+ years of experience in brand management, marketing, and customer's insights. Kate loves to travel to experience new cultures and discover what is happening with retail all around the world.

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