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Talk on Mega menu extension“The gadget Magento Mega Menu module matched the theme and the features were exactly what we were looking for so it was a perfect choice plus the simplicity of installation”

Alieu, the owner of Feinks.com

We have come back from Lunar Tet Holiday with much more energy and interesting stories for you! This week, we will take you to Feinks.com, an online supplier of printer consumables, paper products as well as other supplies for your home and office to see how Magento Mega Menu brings it success. Alieu, the owner of Feinks.com will share with us.

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Home page of Feinks.com

Started back in 2010, Feinks.com was brought together by passionate people who care about the quality and value of office and home supplies customers get. With the goal of providing high quality products together with high quality service, Feinks is trying to build its site as transparent and reachable to ensure you get a professional and friendly service, in which Alieu thinks that an effective and user-friendly menu system is necessary.

On making intensive research on a template that fits the theme of his website, his designer found out Magestore’s gadget theme was exactly the web template he needs. More interestingly, “The gadget Magento Mega Menu module matched the theme and the features were exactly what we were looking for so it was a perfect choice. Besides, the simplicity of installation was also a plus”, said Alieu.

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Mega Menu of Feinks.com

And Magento Mega Menu extension does not disappoint him. It brings Feinks.com practical befefits as Alieu shared, “The menu reflects the categories visually as well as by list, so recognition of product section is instant, which helps search, find and purchase process more easily and faster”. “I am happy with it”, he added.  However, he gives us some suggestions to improve our extension. “In order to create different CSS background images for each category as I have done, I had to force the code to create different CSS classes”, Alieu said to me. It was also very kind of him to give us his idea on how to solve this inconvenience, “It would be good if you could have control over different background capability for each category”. His idea is valuable and must be worth considering in the next update of Magento Mega Menu extension.

As you know, we have updated Magento Mega Menu extension to the latest version 2.0 recently with many enhancements. In this version, customers can create different icons for different categories. And we will try to add the function of changing background for each category/menu item soon.

Thanks for reading! Hope that through our talk, you can more clearly understand our Mega Menu extension and maybe find it suitable for your businesses.


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