Have you wondered…

Where a customer comes from?

What he looks for?

What will motivate them to come again?

and a lots more…

 customer satisfaction survey question

If you have ever had these questions, you have quite a few options to find out about these information. For example, hiring a third parties to do a market research is not a bad way to ensure a positive income flow. Many owners are willing to pay pretty money to know more of their customers’ insights.

However, I want to ask you a question.


Why should you put that much money and effort into something that only requires little? Why don’t you just…

ask your customers?

We will now introduce the feature that connects you directly to your customers. It may even feel like you talking face-to-face with your customer about their needs and wants.

customer satisfaction survey question

Top feature: Customer Satisfaction Survey Question for checkout page

To enable the survey function, you can find the survey configuration right behind the gift message configuration. Once you enabled survey, you will find the blank to fill in the survey question. We will discuss about what to ask your customers in later parts.

If your survey question allows an “Other” option, enable the “Other” value. When your customers choose “Other”, a box will pop up and ask your customers to specify the value.

You can customize the number of values and the values themselves. One note here, do not ask a question that only “Yes” and “No” values. It is better if you ask them a multiple-choice question. A Yes/No question not only provides little information for you, but may also lead your customers toward a biased answer.

customer satisfaction survey question

So how can you best utilize this amazing feature from One Step Checkout?

First, keep it simple. No one wants to answer a ten-page long question. I might exaggerate but the truth is, some owners tend to ask long and complicated questions which might even turn customers away at the checkout doorstep. Keep your question short and clear.

Second, one question only. Don’t ask too much, as the most common questions are actually quite redundant.

Last, do not ask about where they come from. While it is a frequent question that shop owners often put into their checkout page as a stop-gap, most of the time you will only get the exact answer as Google Analytics. Instead of wasting your chance of asking about something you already known, ask them about…

Why did you choose our store?

For this question, you should get to know better about yourself, what your strength and comparative advantage is. Some options can be included are price, free shipping, referral from friend, etc.

What would you considered purchasing in your next visit?

Be a little careful there, as an inappropriate approach will make you lose customers. This should be asked after you offer a coupon for their next visit and reaffirm their intention to shop again in your shop.

Would you refer our shop to a friend?

A perfect customer satisfaction survey question that can be used to measure both customers’ satisfaction as well as a way to gain new customers. If the answer is “Yes”, offer them an exclusive discount for referral.

 We have just looked into about the fantastic four features of Magento One Step Checkout Extension by Magestore. You can read more about the other features on the link below. Our product comes with a 30 days refund period and free lifetime support.

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