If you own an ecommerce websites, it is possible that you are among the millions victim of the shopping cart abandonment syndrome. According to Baymard, 7 in 10 people leave an ecommerce site at checkout. With these helpful features of one page checkout extensions, you will easily convert the abandoned carts into sales. In this series about top features of Magento Checkout Extensions, we will discuss about the pro-technology features of Magento Checkout Extension which improve average checkout speed by a whooping 300%, improve customers experience and drive your sales through the roof! Now I will introduce the first among

Features of Magento Checkout Extension: Auto-update with Ajax

top features of magento checkout extensions

To understand this feature better, let’s hear about a term: Ajax. What is Ajax and how does it help your checkout page?

Simply speaking, Ajax is a web technology used to update information in realtime without the need to refresh the whole page. Among the first to use Ajax in The One Page Checkout Extension by Magestore has done quite a few research related to Ajax and come up with multiple ideas on how to use Ajax for the best possible checkout page.

 top features of magento checkout extensions

Auto-update Order Review when choosing shipping/ payment method

When customers is unsure how different shipping/ payment method may affect the final price, they can change between options to find out if a specific option will make the price exceed their allocated budget. For example, while the delivery time difference between 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air is only 1 business day, the extra $32.84 means doubling the shipping cost and significantly changes the final price.

Auto-update Shipping Method, Payment Method and/ or Order Review when Billing/Shipping Address is changed

For different addresses, the shipping cost may differ. For example, if Mike Trout is about to order a baseball bat, he may change between shipping address to check whether shipping to Angels Stadium or Yankees Stadium during his upcoming road trip costs more. For Mike Trout, a mere difference between $20.75 and $30.44 means nothing. Heck, he may even order his bat to come by next day air at $71.25! For us mortals though, every dollar matters, right?

Auto-update Payment Method and/ or Order Review when Shipping Method is changed

I have told shop owners time and again how attention to little details can have immense impact. Let’s take an example. A man while shopping online chooses the shipping method second day air and the payment method cash on delivery. However, he later changed the shipping method next day air which only accepts advanced payment. Without an auto-update, what’s likely to happen is an unsuccessful transaction and an abandoned cart.

In conclusion, the auto-update feature of one page checkout extensions can drastically reduce loading time and enhance customers experience. As a result, sales converted and money flows in. Keep follow our blog as we will discuss other unique features of One Step Checkout Extensions.

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