Shipping and payment has long been one of the most common reasons why potential customers abandon their carts. According to Ritholtz, 44% of customers left your websites at the checkout page due to the unexpectedly high shipping cost. Some websites try to “hide” the shipping cost but most of the time, the strategy backfire as customers dislike being tricked into paying a much higher price than they expected for the good. In part 3 of my series about tips to improve your checkout page, I will walk you through on how to optimize all terms related to shipping and help you achieve the perfect checkout.

magento one step checkout page

Free shipping

The answer to the question of how to increase customers’ satisfaction is actually not that complicated. Help your customers save money, and they will help you back. In reality, one of the highest valued promotions is free shipping. According to Accent, 9 in 10 people prefer a site that offers free shipping to another that does not. However, not all websites can afford to offer free shipping regardless of the size of the order. That’s why another variation of free shipping comes to life: “Free shipping for orders exceed X$”. 6 out of 10 ecommerce websites has attribute their success to the promotion “Free shipping with conditions.” This success is based on a little-known fact about customers: between a site that sells at $100 and offers free shipping and a site that sells at $70 and costs $25 for shipping, customers are likely to choose the former one.

magento one step checkout page

Provide multiple shipping methods

The more shipping options you can provide your customers, the more likely they are to buy your products. As an owner of a ecommerce site, you can opt to offer your customers a wide range of shipping options in your checkout page such as standard, guaranteed ground, second day and next day. Each option may carry different meaning for different ecommerce sites, but generally, next day will be the fastest option and guarantee delivery within the next business day.

magento one step checkout page

Include an exact delivery date on checkout page

In case your customer choose the standard shipping option, it is important to include an exact date. Nothing helps your customers better than letting them know when their goods are going to arrive at their doorstep. You can easily estimate this data by measuring distance via the zip code they provide you. And it goes without saying that when you make a promise with your customer of when they can receive their goods, be punctual.

Why am I recommending you One Step Checkout by Magestore?

One Step Checkout Extension by Magestore has been optimized to be flexible in free shipping promotions. You can easily set up the conditions that customers must fulfill in order to be eligible for free shipping. Furthermore, One Step Checkout provides multiple shipping methods options and GeoIP auto-detection which allows delivery date estimation in your checkout page.

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