If you think that your checkout page has the perfect design and fulfills all the criteria in these exclusive tips provided just for you, it is time to optimizing your products’ details. In reality, the number of people who order wrong products on ecommerce sites is quite large. According to TrueShip, one in three products bought online will be returned. It should also be noted that 35% of the returns are the shoppers’ fault. The returns will at least damage the customers’ satisfaction and reduce sales for owners. In the worse case, the owners also have to pay for free shipping return. As 79% of customers want a free shipping return, they may change to another website if you don’t offer them that option. That’s why in this article we will learn how to reduce the chance of customers choosing the wrong products.

Include product summary in the checkout page

A lot of ecommerce sites choose to go with just one name associated with quantity to summarize the details for their customers. The truth is, however, customers usually want to know if they chose the right size or color. Give your customer a summary with details about price, color, size, as well as a picture will absolutely improve customers’ experience.

Allow quantity update/ product removal

Sometimes you may have a change of heart and decide against not buying a certain product in your cart. For websites that offer the option to update quantity at checkout, it should not a problem. However, for sites that don’t, prepare to lose your customers. They may not like to go back all the way and decide to drop the cart altogether.

magento one step checkout page

Recommend related products

As an avid fan of baseball, I frequently browse through websites that sell baseball equipment. One of the things I like about these websites is that they know how to cross-sell effectively. For examples, when I buy a baseball glove and proceed to checkout, the site will list some top rated glove oils and offer me to buy with a discount. Not only does this increase their sale but it is also really convenient for me.

 magento one step checkout page

Show the final price clearly

As I mentioned in my piece about cart abandonment, people hate when you are not clear about shipping cost alongside the product price. The best way is to show the price clearly with all the components (product price, shipping cost, customization fee, etc.)

 magento one step checkout page

Display customers reviews

A customer review is invaluable to an ecommerce site. A review has two main purposes: increase customer confidence in a product and provide objective insights. For example, not all clothes brands strictly follow a standard. A customer review may let you know if your jeans will stay true to side.

 magento one step checkout page

Include gift-wrap option

This option is appreciated during the holiday season when your customers have to prepare a lot of gifts for family and friends. Gift-wrap option will help them save considerably amount of time and this will help you score big time in your customers’ mind.

Recommendation – One Step Checkout

If your website currently runs on Magento Platform, it is highly recommended that you install the One Step Checkout Extension for your websites. The flexibility of this extension will help you fulfill all criteria above and it also come with great customer support (Free Lifetime) and full refund in 30 days.

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