Banner Slider Magento always is a favorite extension of e-commerce site owner for customizing the banners on their site. One advantage of Banner Slider is that it allows users to create Note-banner and Popup banner, these 2 types of banners will help the online merchant a lot when they are trying to get customers’ attention on their special offers and new marketing campaigns.

What is Note-Banner and Pop-up?

what is pop-up and note-banner magento 2 banner slider

Both of them are special banners and have characteristics that dominate normal banner shown in a site. Note-Banner is a small banner that can appear in the top, middle or corners of the page. Banner Slider provide note-banner creation for users to brings some briefly information to their customers.

Besides, popup banners are something bigger and more graphic than note-banner. Pop-ups normally show up suddenly while customers are reading your site, it can be a special, hot deal or an advertisement to generate clicks from customers.

So, what are advantages and benefits of note-banner and popup banner? Why you should choose Banner Slider Magento to create them for your website to boost your revenue up? Let’s explore:

Increase the click rate or traffic conversion rate

popup-increase traffic conversion rate

Nowadays, customers are quite bored with normal advertisement that are shown in the site. They always want something new and certainly, increase in sales will depend on how interesting customers see your offers. For note-banners, you will get better customers’ notice, even though they are small and sometimes just appear at corners of the site, but they will stick in a position. In details, no matter where customers are scrolling, they can see the note-banner and they probably will notice if there is something fixed in one position. When visiting a website occasionally, many customers think note-banner is a very important news provided by online seller that they are necessary to know.

Pop-ups increase the traffic conversion rate in an another way. It appeals customer to click on by circumstantiality and the variety of content it brings. A pop-up can be a video, a GIF or some latest news that are valuable for customers. As comparison with usual ads shown in the site, pop-ups report a higher click through rate of 20%. Notice that you have to spend time to create an attractive and non-nuisance pop-up because customers can feel annoy when they spend time to read something not suitable for their interests.

Better brand awareness and gain more money by affiliate marketing ads

Note-banner and popup banner can be set up to appear right after customers visit the website, so they can increase your brand awareness. Showing something over and over again when customer move inside the site may provoke them, however if you can design something funny and interesting, it can stick in customers’ mind and may has a great impact about brand.

When your site is large in some extent, why shouldn’t you consider to implement affiliate program? I mean, you can sell a pop-up or a note-banner for other sellers to generate more revenue for your site. Regularly, the cost of a pop-up will be high compared to normal banner ads displayed in the site, however the benefit – return on investment is also high. So, some small sellers are willing to invest on pop-ups ads, and you definitely can benefit from that.

Attain customers’ information and feedback


You can take advantage of pop-ups to get customers’ information. There are some ways to do that such as providing customers a free and interesting pdf document and require them to fill in their email address. Attaining customers’ emails, phone numbers will help you a lot in your marketing campaign in future. In case of customers have been interested in your products and already bought one, a pop-up can be shown to suggest customers to get the newsletters and newest update from you. It can contribute for the increase in sales when your new products are introduced.

To serve customers better, most online stores now always want to improve themselves. So how can you know which part of your store need to be improved? From customers’ feedback, hence one advantage of pop-ups is that you can ask customers directly how they feel about your site, products and services. Besides, pop-ups can show customers immediately some Frequently Asked Questions in case customers may be confused when reading something on the website.

Banner Slider: Manage note-banner, popup banner effectively


Until now, you may be aware of how pop-up and note-banner can contribute to your e-commerce website? So how can you manage them effectively? We highly recommend Banner Slider Magento 2 extension, this extension is totally suitable for Magento 2 and surprisingly, it is FREE. Paying nothing for a responsive, flexible and useful extension, get Banner Slider in Magento 2 then archive all the benefits it brings to your site especially in pop-up, note-banner management, like many our previous customers did.


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